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Concerning Children

The Fun Begins.

Hi, . Another fine day I have got myself into here. Blue sky, hot sunshine and it is ….what more could a person ask! . I wonder how many of you are packing for an imminent holiday. I wonder how many of you are heading out to Florida for some excellent wizardy-type fun. . Do […]

The Search For Keith Bennet.

Hi, Good Day to you. . All is well here.  We are once again basking in sunshine although it is somewhat cold and will still require a coat outside. . I have had quite a surreal morning. At 6.00 I was awakened by Big H getting up…What!!!!! you may gasp….he was going to have a […]

What A Start To The Weekend.

Greetings Peeps, . This is the most beautiful morning that anyone could possibly ask for. The sky is an electric blue, with just a few fat and puffy white clouds and the sun is bleaching down to make everything look fabulous. . I am watching an old guy in a horrible ” hat walking up […]

For All That We Have.

Good Morning to you all, . This is being written in a grey and dark location in the UK, a complete repeat of yesterday in fact. How rubbish is that! Has the weather run out of new ideas. Is it not interested in being surprising anymore! . So, I shall be equally boring to match, […]

Only The Lonely.

Hi, . A good morning to you, whoever and wherever you are. . It is a strange and amazing thing, this business of reaching out anywhere online, in such an easy way. I read now that because of the pressures of work, and the difficulties of meeting people socially, many people are now finding their […]

The Shocking Re-appearance Of A Victorian Disease.

Hi, . What an excellent morning  it is today. The sky is pale grey, it is very cold but there is one bright ray of sunshine and it is cheering to see it. . That bright shaft of light reminds me of how horrified I felt to find out that there is now a rise […]

The Bells Are Ringing.

Hey, , Hope that I find you happy today, and also hoping that your year is starting in a good way. . My own world is still white, cold and snowy. . I am sitting here listening to the church bells calling, as it is a Sunday, and all of the faithful are no doubt […]

A Very Sweet Tooth.

Hi, . Did you know that a revolution has been going on under our very own noses. Yes it is true. Sweeties are going all Retro. There has been a swing away from the modern style of sweets, with all their E Numbers, and associated bad effects upon children. I mean, if they must eat […]