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Creatures: Great and Small

Mr. Button.

Happy Monday to you,   So, how are you! I am fine, thank you!   Yesterday we were lucky that the rain stayed away and we managed to actually get into the garden and do some very necessary tidying up. My task was to pick up and bag the deep drifts of well crisped brown […]

Siku The Baby Polar Bear.

Hi, . So, we have something unbearably cute today  (and there is a pun in there somewhere). . On November 22nd 2011, a tiny bear was born in a Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Unfortunately, his mother was not able to feed him as she did not have good enough milk production. This has meant that the […]

Cats’ Love Them Mousies!

Hello. . If you have a cat, and you spare no expense to make your furry friend happy, then this post is definitely for you. . The RSPCA in Australia have created three games called the ‘Affection Collection’ that can be played on an iPad …. by your cat! Kitty Chef is a game about […]

It’s Doggone Good Stuff!

Hi, . My goodness, I seem to be watching a lot of the most popular YouTube videos at the moment …. and yet more doggy things! . Obviously I don’t have a lot on my mind! . I quite liked the one of Smitty when he discovered the film Marmaduke. . The beautiful dog’s owner came […]

The Italian Job.

So, . Something very inventive is coming your way very, very, soon. . Soon, you will need to buy your dog a new dogfood. It will need to be Bakers Complete Meaty Meal …. or else! . Soon, there will be a new advert coming to a television screen near to you …. and your […]

Live TV: American Anchorwoman Bitten In Face By Rescued Dog.

Hi, . A few weeks ago Big H and I went out for one of our walks. We met a loose dog and his owner, a pair we had met a few times before, since the man’s previous dog had died and he had chosen a lovely little replacement puppy. . We talked for a […]

Is This Actually The Monster- On Film!

Hey, . This is the week for my ‘Mysteries And Wonderments’ section. . First the ‘s and now the fabled monster ‘Lagarfijotsormurinn’, who is believed to have lived in the freshwater glacially-fed Lake Egilsstoir in the east of Iceland, since he was first reported as being seen in the 1300’s. . Although he is known […]

Synchronised Pleasures.

Hi, welcome to Sunday, . Unfortunately, I could not sleep again last night, so I ended up rising in the very early hours, in a very cold house. . After making myself a huge pot of Lapsang and a hot Warburton’s Potato Pancake, I snuggled up in the big chair and read an Alex Cross […]

Fun In Russia.

Hi, . It is unfeasibly cold here today in the far north. . I awoke early to below freezing temperatures, bright white ice covering everything, and a heavy haze of fog. It is like an advert for some fine place to go to for a skiing holiday. . Although I am not sporty myself, I […]

Simon’s Cat.

Hi, . …. and a good morning to you… . Now we are well into 2012, and the recent Christmas/New Year festivities seem long gone. So, with the recent gale force winds and extremely cold weather….we need a laugh! . During the holidays I was introduced to Simon’s Cat, of which I was previously totally […]