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Creatures: Great and Small

Are You Sitting Comfortably, Then I’ll Begin.

🙂 Hi, Just though that I would show off and start your day with a smile ‘cos I only learned how to do that yesterday. Hey, come on, it is better late than never. Remember we are talking here! . I am afraid that winter is still a’comin in here….with a vengeance. It feels cold […]

Hobbits Are Approaching Your Nearest Cinema Soon.

Hi, . Did you know that the last ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ film, starring , was the most expensive film ever made. . It was completed at a huge cost at the time but it will soon be taken over by one of the newest films to go into production. . This will be […]

Headmaster Eats A Tarantula.

Hi, . We have a damp morning here today, but we are getting used to it now, so that’s OK. If we cannot go out so much in such weather, there is always tropical stuff to watch on the television…or a good book to get totally lost in. . Things can be weird though, have […]

Lots And Lots Of Furry Stuff Here.

Hello, . Many people now keep a dog or cat in their homes. Some people may even have the permanent company of two or three furry creatures…and sometimes they complain about the hair that they have to hoover up and , the vet’s fees and the general heavy responsibility for their pets. There is also […]

The Seal Ripper.

Hi, . Were you lucky enough to catch the fabulous ‘Nature Shock’ programme on Channel 5 last night. I was totally engrossed by it. . It was a fascinating story of the 20 year long search to find the cause of the gruesome seal deaths that have been accelerating over those years, starting with hundreds […]

On Yellow Balloons And Dancing In Madagascar.

Hi, . I was watching a video of a yellow balloon dancing late last night and I really liked it. . You do have to take into account that I only drink at weekends now as I am somewhat, so it was my last night to indulge…and I really did! . I may therefore have […]

Lost Land Of the Tiger. Episode Three.

Hi, . Oh my God, what a great series this is, so real and exciting and important for the survival of the tigers, . Dr Rabinowitz is so intense about helping these beautiful big cats. It is so touching that he is able to use his terminal and untreatable cancer as a spur, to keep […]

Frantic Efforts To save Stranded Whales.

Hi, . At the moment a frantic rescue operation is being carried out on an isolated New Zealand beach. A large pod of about 70 Pilot Whales has been stranded there. . Approximately one hundred volunteers are trying, non-stop, to save the lives of as many whales as they can, keeping the unlucky creatures wet […]

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode Two.

Hi, . What A fabulous series this is. What beautiful creatures tigers are. . I think God must have created tigers on the last day just for his own pleasure! Link to watch episode 2. . .

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode One.

Hi, . . Well, did you watch ‘Lost Land Of The Tiger’ tonight. It was brilliant. . The next episode is on BBC tomorrow night. I shall definitely be clearing my calender for it. . If you regret being naughty and missing it, then use this link to watch the first episode, and catch up. […]