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Creatures: Great and Small

Poem: Life As A Troll Is Not What it used To Be.

life as a troll is not what it used to be . life as a troll is not easy life as a troll is no fun whenever i leap from a hole to shout boo they say  ‘cor he’s just having us on’ . life as a troll has no status life as a troll […]

Memories Of A Good Friend.

Hello Peeps, . Well, here we are, it is Sunday yet again. . All is quiet here. I have fed the birds, but first I had to remove the remains of a chinese chow mein that I put out for them yesterday. Obviously that is a no-no for the future. Those birds are way more […]

Poem: SexGod

Sexgod . . the tiny mouse lived in a hole behind my chest of drawers he wore a hat of snowy white and corduroy plus fours he was well hung and entertained compliant  lady mice so potent were his rodent charms no need to ask them twice but sad for him his end was nigh […]

In the News: Cat

Hey Peeps, . Yesterday I read a very amusing little story in The Times. It was a tale about a twelve year old, black and white cat named Caspar, who lives with his mistress in Plymouth. . For some time Caspar had been making his way to a local bus stop, in order to take […]

Sondar The Treen.

Hey. . When I was a child we had a tortoise.  He was called Sondar The Treen. This name was lifted from one of my brother’s Dan Dare comics. Sondar was a little alien who used to fly about while sitting on a saucer.  He resembled our tortoise because he had a similar hard chin […]

It’s a dog’s life.

Hi , . Today has been a good day in spite of the continuing bad weather. . Last night I went up to bed early, because Big H was watching yet another Jet Li film. I had a good read before quickly dropping off. Unfortunately, the silly man fell asleep on the settee until three […]

Spaghetti Rules

Greetings to you. . I have just been informed that the big black Crows that I feed every day are actually Jackdaws. Well that’s settled finally and I hope that the pseudo crows have not been offended by my ignorance about our avian friends. Mind you, they would be bloody ungrateful if they were, as […]

The Birds

Hello, I hope that you are happy and that all is going  well for you. . I am having a good day so far except for hearing that my son’s fiance was knocked off her bicycle today by a horrible swine of a motorist. . She was cycling along and the driver behind obviously did […]

Today it really is Monday.

Good morning to you, . I hope that you have had a really good weekend and that you are feeling great today. I am. . Last night I did not sleep so well so I ended up arising at about 4.30 am. When I got downstairs I started my usual routine, by gathering up all […]

I killed the dog

. Hello, . Doing this is weird. . It is much easier to speak to people face to face.You can interact, be funny, have a laugh It is easy and entirely natural and I know how to do it without a single thought. . . It is hard and tricky and this bloody computer seems […]