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Creatures: Great and Small

On A Plate. AnimaNaturalis.

Hello, . It is amazing to me how many people are actually prepared to put their money where their mouth is, like the members of AnimaNaturalis. . This group was started in about 2003, and is trying to change . . They stage inventive, eye-catching and publicity catching protests to further their understandable aims. . […]

Is Cheap Meat Worth The Cost!

Hey. . I thought about a bacon sandwich this morning but I just could not actually do it. I think that I may end up a bloody vegetarian through the sheer shame of the way we allow farm animals to be treated on the way to the dinner table. Why, for the sake of even […]

Hee Hee Hee.

So, . Just in case you need cheering up today…. . ….because of the hangover!!!! . . Hee hee hee, . .

Amazing What Some People Throw Out!!

Hi, . Well, you can find some very strange things in the garbage. . This week, a Canadian garbage truck was doing it’s collecting in outlying disticts before heading back into downtown . . Imagine the surprise when the people in that city suddenly see the head of a bear popping up out of the […]

Ahhh, Cat Calms Crying Baby.

Hi, . Here is a quick, but sweet, little video for you. . . . . Ahhhhh! . . .

Still The Usual Suspect.

Hello, . I thought we should do something a bit fishy today…..so here it is! . I was looking at the Greenland Shark again. You remember the post where he was eventually thought to be the culprit who causes the strange that were puzzling researchers into the great numbers of frequent and very mysterious seal […]

Bizzle Having A Quick Snack.

Hey, . Let’s brighten up a pretty grey Sunday with a bit of good cheer. . It is not really surprising how very popular animals are on YouTube, especially those who . If you like a laugh as much as I do, then you will absolutely love this, along with an awful lot of other […]

Mystery Creature In British Waterways.

So, . Something strange is lurking in the waterways in East , near to the new Olympic Park. . A witness was out with friends for a boatride on the River Lea in November. . They were all commenting on a big Canada Goose, adult birds being said to be approximately 16 lbs on average, […]

Ruined Shit.

Hi, . All of us know the devastation that can be caused by our pets. . I well remember our own most destructive pet. He was a beautiful  German Shepherd who ate his way through a striped 3-piece suite, a beautiful anique figured velvet Victorian suite with dropped ends, and lastly an antique green velvet […]

Cruelty In The City.

Hey. . . How shocking to read that on Sunday yet another carriage horse collapsed while working in , ferrying tourists about the city. People were shocked and horrified to see what had happened before their eyes. . Although the representatives of the horse and carriage business are reported in the media as saying that […]