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Creatures: Great and Small

Stallone’s Journey.

Hello, . In a world where great kindness and compassion can be found, there is also great cruelty. . This is especially true in the secret world of dog fighting. . I found this video which graphically shows the awful cruelty suffered by the poor animals whose owners choose to use them for sport. . […]


Hi, . I have to say that this weather is continuing to be very, very strange. . I did read that we have just had the hottest November for 50+ years, so unusual that daffodils are blooming again in the Eden Project, something that would not usually occur until January arrives. . There has also […]

Freedom Is Not Just A Word.

Hi, . I thought you might like to hear yet about the work carried out to rescue and re-house laboratory animals. This time it is shown on a video posted by the Freedom Beagle project. . These dogs were born especially to live such a restricted life, where they were kept in cages in the […]

Paul Barton Plays With Elephants.

Hi, . Some people go to great lengths to share their music with an . People like Paul Barton. He played for a specially chosen audience in Thailand. . This clip shows him playing Beethoven. . . Yes, his audience were elephants. . The elephant who is standing directly behind the piano, is just about […]

The Eternal Battle.

Hello Folks, . How are you today. If you live here in the UK, you may not have a lot to be pleased about, but at least you probably haven’t been bitten today. . Of course, we are talking about midgies here, as I have no knowledge at all about your Vampire leanings. Your own […]

Sugar Cubes.

Hi Folks, . Greetings from the Far North. We are enjoying an unseasonably hot day today …. I am not wearing my furry boots …. it is toooo warm for them!!!! . I don’t know what is causing such unseasonably amazing weather, but if I can see people on the streets in their shirts today, […]

This Is My Yukky Day!

Hi, . So it is Wednesday….so far so good….but today I have my first visit to a new dentist…so, not so good now! . Along with most of you, a visit to the dentist’s is not my idea of a fun happening, most especially not with a new one….and you have decide who to choose […]

A Murmuration Of Starlings.

Hi, . Welcome to the beginnings of winter. I just love the way that birds gather into flocks at this time in the dying year, and form into amazing squadrons which display in awesome patterns across the dusk and morning skies. . I often stand in the early dawn, cup of hot tea clasped in […]

A Safari Feeling.

Hey Folks, . Wow, it is dark here today. It is 10am and we still need all the lights on in the living room, while outside it is gloomy, wet and very very grey….a Gothic sort of day actually. I think that if were going to be found lurking in the daylight hours, it would […]

Sharing The Love.

Hi Folks, . So we are back to Monday….why do there always seem to be more Mondays than there are Saturdays!!!!! . It sucks!!!! . Therefore, I shall attempt to cheer up your morning with a smile, and put you in a good mood for the day. I like animal stuff, as that always seems […]