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Creatures: Great and Small

Frozen Planet: Unmissable Stuff.

Hi, . Have you been perusing your TV guide diligently. Have you been lucky enough to have watched the beginning of the new BBC documentary series, narrated by our old favourite, Sir David Attenborough. That man is concentrated television, even at 85. He should be cloned! . This new series is about finding what effects […]

You’ve Got A Friend.

HI, . One of the best things in life is to spend time with good friends, and this applies to all animals equally. . I love this this clip, which shows a wonderful friendship and tolerance between two very unusual creatures. After all, fun is  fun! . . It reminded me of the between the […]

Ugghhhh Boots.

. Hi, . Once again we have reports of terrible which is apparently going on . It seems that many items of apparel which are marked as faux fur are actually produced using the fur of Raccoon Dogs. . It is also reported that many pairs of copy Ugg Boots are not made with actual […]

On The Tidelines.

Hey folks, . Strange things have been happening around our coastline, as previously quite rare creatures are being seen more and some of them are ending up beached on our shores. . Sei Whales are big and even the young ones can be about 3O’+. . Unfortunately, we have just experienced the autumn Equinox Tides, […]

Laboratory Chimps Freed After Spending 30 Years in Cages.

Hi, . I don’t know your opinions of using animals for medical testing, but I have never been happy about it. . I was very heartened when I found out about a group of who were finally freed after they had been taken away from their mothers as babies, in order for them to be […]

I Will Punch You! That Thing Is Freakin’ Huge!

Hey, . I know ….it is Monday, but how about a good laugh to begin the day. You will enjoy this, except perhaps if you are one of the many amongst us. . It happened in Indiana. In the studio of Fox 59, total panic broke out when they were in the middle of a weather […]

Hedgehog. A Day In The Life.

Hello, . Yesterday we went out for a long walk, as is thankfully quite the usual for us these days. . And the day before, while going out for exactly the same walk, I had spotted a smallish lump in the middle of the road, which appeared to be a squashed . For some reason […]

Mysterious Creature Found Dead On Minnesota Road.

Hi, . How wonderful to brighten up a Monday with a mystery! Now there is a new ‘Mystery and Wonderment’ item for your delectation. . In a place called Alexandria, which is in Minnesota, a mystery has surfaced. A local woman was driving along County Road 86 when she suddenly spotted a very strange looking […]

Will This Horror Ever End.

Hello Folks, . I am saddened to have to write this post on what is unfortunately a sadly familiar subject. . I read in the press about this video, which was apparently taken at an Essex abattoir. . The film footage was taken secretly by animal welfare campaigners for Animal Aid, over a period of […]

Suffering Succotash!

Hi, . Isn’t it funny how you can be totally struck by something that you have never noticed before. . It’s like a ‘Sylvester ‘ cartoon I saw again recently. You remember how it goes….when he says the catchphrase, he pronounces it is ‘thufferin thuccatash’…. because he has a lisp. . After years of seeing […]