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Creatures: Great and Small

Saved From Death Row By Singing Happy Birthday!

Hi Peeps, . Happy news today about Patches the terrier, who was due to be put down in a Mildura dog pound in Northern Victoria, . . The 17 year old dog had belonged to an 82 year old from Italy, called Eddie Vassallo, and he and Patches had been together for a very happy […]

You Absolutely Cannot Miss This!

Hi Folks, . I have just seem something absolutely wonderful, and I want to share it with you. . A humpback whale was trapped in a discarded fisherman’s net in the Sea Of Cortez, off the coast of California. . Luckily for the whale, three men in a boat saw what they thought was a […]

From Holidays To Hummingbirds.

Hi Peeps, . Greetings to you from an extremely wet UK. It seems that we have had nothing but ferocious downpours and high winds for ages. . You get up in the morning to the accompaniment of drumming rain and then retire at night to the some beat. I have to say though, that lying […]

Ariel Needs Your Help.

Hi, . Something a bit sad for you today. . In there is a beautiful lion, owned by Raquel Borges. He is called Ariel and he is a massive 140 kg in weight. He is also paralysed now and cannot use his legs at all. . Unfortunately he became ill last year, with a bad […]

Rats R Us.

Good Morning, . At least it is a good morning just about anywhere but in Southampton, because the Government and the unions are at loggerheads there. . As I , there has been a binman’s strike underway in Southampton for several weeks, which has left uncollected rubbish to rot all over the streets of the […]

War Horse.

Hi, . Did you see the play War Horse or not. To those of you lucky people who live near enough to get to the West End in or who have the necessary time, energy and money to travel there…a really unbelievable treat is in store for you if you have not seen it yet. […]

Wake Up Now.

Hi, . Today is a greeny issue. It is with regard to the scary changes which are taking place in the oceans….and speeding up all the time. . Project Clamer is a worldwide study, where reports from many different are gathered together, as they collaborate in a huge effort to plot the effects of climate […]

Awkward Family Pet Photos.

Hi to you all, . It is again here, for the moment at least. . Yesterday the temperature soared to 33, and everyone was too Hot,Hot,Hot! . Today we have awoken to more blue skies and heat. I think, from the comments people make to me, is that we damp and greeny-coloured people are so […]

Breakdancing Gorilla.

Hello fellow bi-peds of every kind, . In Calgary, Canada, you will find the Calgary Zoo, . This is the best place to put it, because it makes finding it very easy indeed. . It is there that you will find eight Western Lowland , who are actually native to Central . . They are […]

Dogs Will Eat Strange Things If You Are Not careful!

Hey, . Sunday greetings to you. . Today was forecast to be an extremely hot day, and at present we have a 50% blue sky, and it does feel enticingly warm. Most excellent so far then! . I think that I hear the garden calling me. . However I must complete today’s task before I […]