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Half Head Man.

Hi, . For some time now, there have been mug-shot pictures of a man on YouTube, a man who appeared to have only half of his head. . Most people said that it was the result of Photoshop alterations, but now it seems that the truth is that it is possible to recover as normal […]

I Want One! I Want One! In Every Colour!!!

Hello, . Cars can cause many problems in a world which would be greener. Pollution! Oil extraction and it’s resulting worldwide unrest! Clogged roads! Ever expanding motorways! Speeding! Accidents! Road rage! . This great clip from Top Gear says it all for me!!! . . Is this the future! . . .

Amazing What Some People Throw Out!!

Hi, . Well, you can find some very strange things in the garbage. . This week, a Canadian garbage truck was doing it’s collecting in outlying disticts before heading back into downtown . . Imagine the surprise when the people in that city suddenly see the head of a bear popping up out of the […]

Cruelty In The City.

Hey. . . How shocking to read that on Sunday yet another carriage horse collapsed while working in , ferrying tourists about the city. People were shocked and horrified to see what had happened before their eyes. . Although the representatives of the horse and carriage business are reported in the media as saying that […]

A Mother’s Revenge!

Hi, . It seems that everyone knows someone who has had their car clamped, or has had it actually happen to them in person. . And sometimes people have just had enough… . A lady called Julia Hazel was someone who felt like that. Reports say that her son had been clamped once he had […]

Tatton Park RHS Flowershow 2011

. RHS Show Tatton Park. Cheshire. July 20th- July 24th. . Once again many people enjoy admiring the exhibits in this wonderful show, and as usual there are many wonderful displays on view to an admiring public, and of course everyone has their own favourite one. . Mine is the flowerbed which was chosen to […]

Death Wish.

Hi, . Recently I have been reading reports about the way that people are thoughtlessly risking their lives on rail crossings, as if trains are harmless things. . It is hard to understand how people can forget the terrible danger that they put themselves in the way of. Not to mention the lasting problems that […]

Road Rage On Camera.

Hello, . . Does it enrage you when you are held up by cyclists when you are driving your car. . Do you feel angry when a cyclist takes up the space of a car. . Do you feel that road tax should be paid by cyclists. . Have you been walking on a bridle path, […]

Temper, Temper.

Hi, . Oh my. What has happened to our stiff upper lip here in blighty! . This between two cars took place on a normal boring British day. . Until the lady in the red car was struck with sudden road rage. . Luckily the evidence did not rely on ‘she said….she said’ evidence as […]

Maniacs On The Roads.

Hey Peeps, . My goodness, how many times do we see bad driving on our roads. How many times do we watch some fool who almost caused an accident through bad driving, and wish that there had been a policeman to see it. . How many times, like me, do you see or hear of […]