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Wait Til Quint Sees This Baby!

Hey there, . Do you like sharks, do you like speed and do you like water…. being both above and under it. . If you can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions then this blog the one is for you! . What must it be like to be the inventor Rob Innes, 37, […]

New 20mph Speed Limit.

Hey, . At the moment we have a 30mph speed limit for most town centres and residential roads. . There has recently been a trial of a 20mph (32kph) limit in places such as in Edinburgh, Portsmouth , Hull, York and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and it has been judged to be a successful innovation. . Ministers are […]

A Pleasing Friday Morning.

Hi, . Is your Friday going well so far then? I would hope so, if you have a Friday evening and all of a free weekend not touched yet. If not, bad luck, and perhaps next weekend will be a better one. . We were both up really early this morning, because Big H had […]

Bloody Drivers.

Hi, . I’m a bit pissed off today to be honest. Yesterday we popped out to the shops for a short while to get some steaks, sausages and beefburgers for a barbie we were planning on having during one of these  bouts of intense sunshine we keep experiencing now. . Everything was fine until we […]

Was This The Best Scam Ever?

Hi, . . I recently had a good laugh when a smashing, and very good looking friend, who decamped to France a few years ago sent me an e-mail repeating the story of the Bristol Zoo parking attendant who reportedly carried out the scam of the century. . It appeared that a gentleman worked for […]

Are You On Your Way To A Dyke, Sir

Hello Again, . We have just got back from the shop and I decided to have a quick blog. . As you know, I recently changed my mind about getting my eyes zapped. I had made the appointment after andwent and had it done recently, and have both been thrilled with the results. So, as […]

Stop Picking Your Nose Please.,

Hey, . How are you today! I hope that you are having a happy, mellow experience, and I hope that you are adding to the happy, mellow experience of other people by not picking your nose in public. . Last time I was in the car with Big H and we were stopped at the […]

Delayed pleasure.

Hello peeps, . Today has not gone quite as I had hoped. My friend and I had an outing planned , in order to compensate ourselves for the Friday Night Fever debacle . . We had decided to go to visit Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne, which is known as the birth place of Christianity, […]


Hello Peeps, Today started off sunny so we went out to cut the grass.  At least Big H cut the grass and I pulled out even more Bindweed. We are plagued with the stuff and it never gives up. . Bindweed is amazingly pretty when you see it on waste land, growing up through trees […]

The Birds

Hello, I hope that you are happy and that all is going  well for you. . I am having a good day so far except for hearing that my son’s fiance was knocked off her bicycle today by a horrible swine of a motorist. . She was cycling along and the driver behind obviously did […]