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Ice And Fire.

Hi,   What weird weather we are having here at the moment. . Yesterday, the mood changed at midday, when the skies darkened and became very low and heavy. Then the snow began falling with a vengeance. it was also extremely windy, so that we watched the huge snowflakes flying sideways past the windows. And […]

‘Full Service’. Secret Hollywood Sex Lives.

Hi, . I don’t know what style of book you enjoy reading but most of us like the odd bit of insider knowledge about the sex lives of the stars. Especially those incredible idols of the 1940’s, where all of their secrets were assiduously protected by the Hollywood publicity machine. Stars like Cary Grant and […]

Hmmm, Wednesday’s Here!

Hi, . So how was your yesterday then! I hope that it was a good one, which has left you eager to meet the new day. . Mine was fine thank you! We ended the day by watching a new film, which made us very late in eventually getting to bed. It was called ‘Killer […]

Still The Usual Suspect.

Hello, . I thought we should do something a bit fishy today…..so here it is! . I was looking at the Greenland Shark again. You remember the post where he was eventually thought to be the culprit who causes the strange that were puzzling researchers into the great numbers of frequent and very mysterious seal […]

Bizzle Having A Quick Snack.

Hey, . Let’s brighten up a pretty grey Sunday with a bit of good cheer. . It is not really surprising how very popular animals are on YouTube, especially those who . If you like a laugh as much as I do, then you will absolutely love this, along with an awful lot of other […]

Doesn’t Time Pass Quickly.

Hey, . This is something I liked … along with many other people. Having very much admired such presentations . . ! . These particular YouTube clips have been uploaded by  a girl calling herself ‘madandcrazychild’… I have no idea who she actually is. . It a quite fascinating, because she has been taking pictures […]

How To Make Absolutely Sure That You Get A Golden Globe.

Hi, . So hopefully your weekend is proceeding well. Mine is damp but fine thank you! . So, with reference about the planned sale of lots of personal items belonging to the superstar John Wayne, who died of stomach cancer 30+ years ago in 1972, after making 250 films. . It took place in Los […]

Return Of The Blob.? Sept 14th 2011.

Hi, . A new UFO scare in America took place a few days ago. . There was great consternation when a flaming was clearly seen to fly for hundreds of miles through the skies, from Phoenix in the east across to Los Angeles in the west. . Shock!….Horror!….Danger!!!!! Could it be The Blob. I remember […]

One For All Film Fans.

Hi Film Fans, . So, it is a Bank Holiday today, and I am pleased to report that I was greeted this morning by cloudy skies and sunshine!!. Wow, I had nearly forgotten what that feels like. . So, Big H and I will  most likely decide to avoid avoid any excursions on the roads, […]

Life After ‘The Bill’.

. Hi, to all you quite-possibly-grumpy Monday Peeps, . Today’s post is about a prime example of not just giving up when change comes. Sometimes, although it is unwelcome, it can allow your dreams to come true because you have nothing more to lose by trying. . It concerns an actor called Jeff Stewart, who […]