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Frank And Rita Take A Picture.

Hi, . As nothing much is happening in my life at the moment, with Big H still not too well, I have spent more time looking on the web to amuse myself….well, it beats ! . Here is a nice video. It is about a nice couple called Rita and Frank, who have, on the […]

Funny How Things Turn Out.

Hi, . once more and the week is speeding to a close now. A good reason to ! . Well things turned out unexpectedly yesterday. . I was looking forward to watching two mid-week films. . Like so many other people, Big H and I have been really looking forward to the latest Harry Potter […]

Is This The Greatest EVER Wedding Proposal?

Hi, . We shall have to stop meeting this way! . . Although I have already posted twice today, I just could not resist sharing the latest You Tube sensation with you all. Especially for anyone who is is today. . It has jumped immediately to a stupendous 2,722,517 views at this very moment. . […]

Movie Entertainment On Tap With UTube. Pass The Popcorn!

Hi Peeps, . I am up very early again this morning, as the strength of the sun pressing through the bedroom curtains was too alluring to be ignored for very long. . It is so beautiful today, with birds singing and the sky so blue. It may only be a lowly Wednesday but it is […]

Too Good To Miss.

Hey, . Happy Monday. . Apparently we are going to have another period of good weather this week, culminating in extremely high temperatures over the Easter weekend…sounds like a treat ….if it happens! Of course that probably means the roads will be packed with cars containing older men in hats….all their collective noses. . This […]

Iris DeMent. True Grit Film.

Good day. . . I am intending to see the new 2010 film version of the classic just as soon as I can. . The original film was great and Wayne’s performance as Rooster Cogburn was most excellent indeed. Cowboy films are not my favourite type of movie but it had just about everything to […]

Binge Britain On Film.

Hey, . We all like . . Most of us like the odd drink. . Some of us do go a bit far at times. . However, it does generally seem that the accusations that are frequently levelled at us, about ours being a ‘binge-drinking’ culture, sadly seems to be true. . There is now […]

UFO Filmed Over Jerusalem In January.

Hey, . What do you think about the white light seen over Jerusalem a few days ago. . UFO….or what! . It was seen and filmed from many different angles by many different people. . What do you think of it? . U Tube video of the strange event. . . . .

Michael Jackson. Involuntary manslaughter.

Hi. . Well it has been dragging on for a long time, but eventually a decision has been reached with regard to the death of Michael Jackson. . If you remember, he died just before his planned concerts, and after his death the film footage shot during the rehearsal period was put together into a […]

Poem: Moth.

Moth. . . Bewitched Spellbound And entranced Like Trilby With her Svengali. . . The story of Svengali and Trilby, written by George Du Maurier, was first published in 1894. It became a bestseller and was made into an excellent film in 1931. . . .