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Ted Williams. Lost And Found.

Good Morning Folks, . Well, this morning I have a cheering story of how life can change for anyone….just like that. . In America, a videographer who was driving by, noticed a man begging for a dollar at the side of the road. He noticed that the man was carrying a large piece of cardboard […]

Oversight In Jude Law Film.

Hey, . Finally we have a thaw. The icicles were dripping like mad yesterday and snow was thudding down off the roofs. . The roads are mostly clear enough to be no problem, except for the less used back streets. We went to check on the car again and were at last able to move […]

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows In Cinemas Tomorrow..

So, . Here we finally are. . Tomorrow the next long awaited Harry Potter film opens in a cinema near to you. I don’t know what you are going to do, but Big H and I are going to go and see it. . It is time for a little more magic in our lives. […]

Iain Glen Rocks.

Hi and a good morning to you, . We are on to now….so the week is moving on. . I hope that yesterday went well for you. I had a good evening last night myself, I really enjoyed it. . As we were not doing anything much we decided to watch a film that I […]

Helen Mirren. Baring All At 65.

Hi, . I have just been watching the trailer for the new film ‘Red’. . It stars , Morgan Freeman and the lovely Helen Mirren….she of the red bathing suit . When I was young she was considered to be extremely sexy and overt with it, . The strange….and rare….thing about it is that now […]

Johnny Depp. Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides. 2011.

Hi, . Just a quick one….as Cap’n Jack might say! . Did you know that the newest will be released in 2011. Oh my goodness, what a long wait for all of the fans. The newest one is called ‘On Stranger Tides’. . Dame Judi Dench accepted a bit part in this film….or as it […]

Michael Jackson Has Beaten Elvis.

Hi, . Well, people are always saying that they are worked to death, but how about earning a very cool £174m in just one year, after you are actually dead. . Such is the fascination with Michael Jackson that he earned more money this year than the combined income of Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Madonna […]


Hi, . Well, I hope all is normal with yourself and that nothing changes with the advent of the next full moon. . Last night was a cold and murky one, which was just right for Big H and I to watch the latest film that we downloaded on the XBox. It was ‘The Wolfman’, […]

Looking For Eric Cantona.

Greetings. . Nearly the weekend now, not far to go. Have faith, you can get there! . The weather was good yesterday, being clear and coldly sunny. We decided to make a quick trip to for a meal of fish, chips, and mushy peas, followed by a walk down by the sea. My goodness it […]

Hobbits Are Approaching Your Nearest Cinema Soon.

Hi, . Did you know that the last ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ film, starring , was the most expensive film ever made. . It was completed at a huge cost at the time but it will soon be taken over by one of the newest films to go into production. . This will be […]