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Good Clothes And Bad Television.

Hi. . Middle of the week …excellent! . The weather has picked up a bit now, and it is about time too after all the rain. Yesterday started heavy and grey, but by teatime we had pale blue sky and lukewarm sunshine. As we had to go into town for Big H to have an […]

Camera Magic.

Good morning, . Oh My! What a wonderful morning I have just woken up to. . The sky is blue, there is not a trace of a breeze, and I can hear a distant sound of a plane somewhere. It is a beautiful quality of light, seeming to pick out every colour and detail in […]

The Art Of Living.

Hey Hey, . How wet are we here? Very, very, very wet! . Hey Hey, it has just occurred to me. With that introduction I sound like King George in the film, ‘The Madness Of King George’, where the actor Nigel Hawthorne who was playing King George, kept saying “What, what!” That was a marvellous […]

Vivien Leigh’s Coat Is Up For Grabs In Durham.

Hi, . Wonderful day here today, all sunny/windy/cloudy/ hot/ chilly and obviously very changeable. Could end up any way at all, but hopefully sunny! . My new are still generating pleasure and are now looking quite hairy, which is unusual and funky. I have decided that I fancy a leopardskin coat this year so I […]

The Destruction Of An Icon.

Hey, . And so to the end of an era. Soon one of Gateshead’s iconic buildings will disappear forever and even the protestations of both Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino could not stop it from happening. . Have you guessed which building it is. You haven’t? Well, I shall put you out of your misery. […]

Angelina Jolie. An Unauthorised Biography.

Hi, . For those of you who admire, desire or aspire to be like this global superstar….there is news! . In a few weeks time Andrew Morton’s new book…Angelina: An Unauthorised Biography…. will be published in America. This book purports to tell you almost everything, giving all of the answers to all of the questions. […]

Bruce Lee. Legend.

Hey, . G’day peeps, I greet you early on a fine morning. It is still warm here and the light is quite luminous today, so perhaps we are going to have a another good one. Yesterday was pleasant until mid afternoon and then it became beguilingly warm and sunny….most enjoyable. It is definitely strange in […]

26.06.2010. Open Casting Call For TV Series Starring Sean Bean.

Hi, . Want to be on TV? . If you are a wannabe TV star and you are also an amputee, then here is a total opportunity for you. . A new epic adventure series is going to be filmed in Ireland, beginning in July. HBO, the company who produced The Sopranos, are behind the […]

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.*

Hey people, . Back again. Missed you, but a change is as good as a rest! . So, what has happened in your world lately? Hopefully only good things and excellent treats. . I am well, thank you for asking, and feeling quite laid back about most things…. except for being fatter than before. It […]

From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.

Hey, . Oh dear, it is all over now. No more exotic tropical weather for us. Yesterday became damp and grey by lunchtime and as the afternoon progressed it got much colder again. Oh well, never mind, it is not as if we are not used to it is it! . At the moment though, […]