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The Place Where Dracula Landed. Whitby.

Hey Peeps, . What a magnificent day we have here. It is everything that you could wish to see in the middle of May, with blue skies, no clouds and a wealth of sunshine. Long may it last! . Last weekend Big H and I were watching something that mentioned Robin Hood’s Bay, which is […]

I Could Be A Vampire.

Good morning peeps, . Once more I was unable to sleep all night long, yet now that it is almost 9am I am going to have to go to bed for a rest. How weird is that when I had all last night to do it in and I did work very hard yesterday….and I […]

From Roy Rogers To Keanu Reeves.

Hello, . Wednesday again, so tonight I get to watch American Idol. It is my new regular thing to watch although it is not a patch on the British version because I have never heard of any of the American guest stars and they all sing really rubbish songs. Isn’t it strange that there seems […]

Are You A Handsome Gypsy?

Hello, hello, . So, are you perhaps a handsome gypsy , or a Lascar, or of exotic mixed blood? I read at the weekend that Andrea Arnold, who is an Oscar winning director is looking for an unknown actor to portray the brooding Heathcliff, portrayed in Emily Bronte’s classic Wuthering Heights. . There is to […]

John Wayne Rocks.

Hi, . I woke very early this morning, probably due to so much excitement yesterday. It certainly was not because Big H was sleeping badly, which is often the case. it was such an emotional and traumatic day for him yesterday that he was totally worn out with it all, me too, so we went […]

Hooks And Lines….And The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Hi Peeps, . Once again I greet you at the dawn of yet another fine day. This one is not the tropical extravaganza that yesterday was, but it is still beautiful in a much quieter way. . The sky is a luminous silver and there is a fogginess to everything. All of the edges are […]

Everything Went As Planned.

Hey, . ‘Good Morning’ to you. Hoping that you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. . I know Mondays can be seen as a bit of a downer, but look at it this way, you have survived the weekend! You did not expire from either too much excitement, or from utter boredom, so you are ahead […]

White Out.

Hey, . My goodness, what a day this is. . I woke up this morning, thinking that it must still be early because the bedroom was so dark, but is was not, it was the weight of the sky, so low and heavy. . Yesterday a lot of the snow was cleared away by hailstones […]

Weekend’s Nigh.

Hi, So it is Friday again, where on earth did the rest of the week go. I don’t seem to have done anything but apply miles of gloss paint to everything in sight. . Here today, where I live, the weather can only be described as very, very, wet, but it will be very refreshing […]

Give Them Jam And Bread.

HI Peeps, Hoping all is well with you. . I have invented a good way to vastly reduce the cost of running an Old People’s home. All that is needed are vast amounts of jam, an ample supply of bread and  a DVD of ‘Brief Encounter’. This being a  1945 black and white film starring […]