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How To Get Rid Of The Chav Element.

Hi, . The Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power, have come up with another hilarious advert. This is their solution to subdue the emerging Chav element which is creeping into well known horse racing meetings, such as the Cheltenham Festival, which takes place over five days in March. . If you remember, there was  which took place […]

Cats’ Love Them Mousies!

Hello. . If you have a cat, and you spare no expense to make your furry friend happy, then this post is definitely for you. . The RSPCA in Australia have created three games called the ‘Affection Collection’ that can be played on an iPad …. by your cat! Kitty Chef is a game about […]

The Incredible Balancing Dog!

Hey, . I just love this. . myself! . . . . And no, I could not do that

Would You Like A Dance With That Sir?

Hey, . It is always nice when you get those ‘free extras’ when travelling by plane. . However some of them are more unusual than others. . For instance, on the Finnair flight from Helsinki to New Delhi, on January 26th 2012. . For those of you who don’t know, that was the day to […]

Music In The Style Of.

Hey, . Some people just have style. . This is Lukas Kmit  playing the violin, in the , which was an orthodox Jewish synagogue in Slovakia…. until he was so rudely interrupted! .   . If it was not an arranged happening by the phone company …. then it should have been! You may try […]

Question Of The Day.

Question Of The Day. . . How do Vampires put their make-up on ? . . J,x. .

Is It All Just ‘Pants’.

Hey, . Did you have an interesting ride on your particular subway recently! Were you a bemused observer on the latest ‘No Pants Day’. . This is a day of exhibitionism which has become a much enjoyed annual event for many people worldwide. . When ‘No Pants Day’ began about a decade ago, it may […]

Simon’s Cat.

Hi, . …. and a good morning to you… . Now we are well into 2012, and the recent Christmas/New Year festivities seem long gone. So, with the recent gale force winds and extremely cold weather….we need a laugh! . During the holidays I was introduced to Simon’s Cat, of which I was previously totally […]

Face Of Jesus Toaster.

Hello, . . I thought you might like to know about what turned out to be one very popular Christmas Present for 2011. . It is something which is usually considered to be somewhat boring at the best of times …. a toaster …. and no, not the lusted-after Dualit! . This particular desirable object […]

Escalator Terror.

Hey; . This is just to help cheer you up, as today’s sad post may have left you somewhat depressed. . I know that such things always upset me, although we obviously need to know about such things in order to prevent them! . Anyway, I thought you might like to see what happens when […]