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Hi, . Do you want the good news or the bad news. Let’s start with the good… Well, we are still unseasonably warm here at the moment, which is a welcome change from the Arctic style conditions…. but…. There are now flood warnings all over the country because of unusually high rainfall which is swelling […]

James Naughtie….Was!! Jeremy Hunt Name Slip-Up On BBC Radio 4!

Hey, . Well, I don’t know if you heard James Naughtie make a mistake on the programme while talking about Jeremy Hunt. The hapless fellow managed to put a.. C.. where the.. H.. should be. He then seems to giggle, before proceeding to give the rest of the news, which is full of nervous coughing […]

This Act Is Not Possible.

. Just a quick one…. Here I was thinking that I was really achieving something because I am persuading myself to do my Yoga everyday. I mean, how fit must I be getting now. . OMG, I have just realised what fit is after watching this incredible feat on the America’s Got Talent show. Although […]

Tweeting In The Classroom.

Hi, . Happy Sunday….well, at least I hope it is. . Isn’t it amazing how quickly Tweeting has become a solid part of modern everyday life. . And isn’t it amazing how it has become useful in unexpected ways. For instance, helping in education. . Many schools are finding that it is helping their pupils […]

Putting A Roman Candle Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

Hi, . It’s and I think that you should start off the weekend with a thoroughly silly thing. . In Germany there is a show called Das Supertalent. It is a sort of German version of our Britain’s Got Talent show. . Now, there are many people who enter these talent shows because they want […]

Can You ‘Taak Geordie’.

Hey, . Well here we are, beginning to eat into yet one more week. OK, it is a , but it will only last for a day! . It is nice to start the week with a smile though. . Although I was born a Geordie, and have lived in the area for most of […]

Alston Rocks.

. So, Another trip to . . It is like being on a marvellous film set. Suitable for a meeting with , or your ,  just like . . Always an atmospheric place with it’s Market Square, cobbled streets and old houses from the 17th C and 18th C falling towards each other, and I […]

How To Cock-Up Your Life.

Hi, . And a good morning to you all. . I hope that you have had a calm week earning your daily crust, in a way that does not cause you to upset too many people. Unlike a lady who lives in Melbourne, called Libby Ashby. . She has just caused such offence to her […]

Wearing Red Increases Your Sex Appeal.

Hey, . Interesting findings on the ‘how best to attract men’ front have just been published. . The study which seems to prove this premise, was done in New York, at Rochester University. . The method used was to show pictures of a reasonably attractive lady to two groups of male students. The only difference […]

Winner Claims £113m Jackpot. Update.

Hi. . Just a quick one to let you know that you can now stop searching, the £113m jackpot has now been claimed, verified and paid out by Camelot. . On Tuesday, an old couple in their 70’s came forward and said that they had lost the winning lottery ticket. They lady stated that she […]