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Hey, . THIS is the night!!! . But hey, do we still think that blondes really will have the most New Year’s fun? . Yet blonde moment. . . What do you think!

Poem: You Never Forget About It.

You Never Forget About It. . . I know that old lady. The one with the two sticks And lots of untidy white hair Ordered to stay under that nasty felt hat. She used to be my infant school teacher. We all called her ‘Miss’ And she smacked our hands With a hard wood ruler. […]

Attention. A Fabulous Christmas Present For British Muggles.

Hi, . And a Merry Christmas to you! . If you are still thinking of wonderful presents, then you could add the promise of a special treat to Christmas Day’s rewards. . If you are living with a Harry Potter fan, you could promise them the perfect present …. a Muggles dream day out. And […]

Little Miss Muffet Has Nothing On THIS Stuff!

Hi, . Have you seen the BigDog Robot, which has been developed by Boston Dynamics, with funding supplied by DARPA …. Defense Advanced Research Agency. . The following film is from 2008. It shows how the can work on ice and snow, walk over stones etc., and also how it can jump and clinb while […]

Battlefield Three Hero!

So, . Today we have one especially for you video gamers out there, especially PS3’s (PlayStation3). . There is great awe and disbelief amongst people who play video games at the moment, because they cannot believe what they are seeing with their own eyes! . This is because of a player known as RendeZook, and […]


Good Morning, . Not long until Christmas now. . So, how are you doing with the small gifts and stocking fillers …. or the calendars! . Now, finally, there is something a bit different, being offered to those of you whose thoughts turn to forward planning. . There is a very different, if not eye […]

Ruined Shit.

Hi, . All of us know the devastation that can be caused by our pets. . I well remember our own most destructive pet. He was a beautiful  German Shepherd who ate his way through a striped 3-piece suite, a beautiful anique figured velvet Victorian suite with dropped ends, and lastly an antique green velvet […]


Hi, . I have to say that this weather is continuing to be very, very strange. . I did read that we have just had the hottest November for 50+ years, so unusual that daffodils are blooming again in the Eden Project, something that would not usually occur until January arrives. . There has also […]

The Attack Of The Killer Clothes Horse.

Hello, . It’s the weekend….Whoopee! . It’s that time of the week again, when we all get down to party …. especially those who have taken up the student lifestyle and are busy making friends and influencing people. . Of course, some of us find that life in a strange place can be full of […]

Notorious B.I.G. Stops Baby From Crying.

Hi, . . How soon do we form our tastes! . . Hey baby I know what I like !!! . .