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Blonde On An Escalator.

Hi, . Having a blonde moment. . . . . Who says blondes don’t have more fun! . .

It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day!

Hey Folks, . Are you all set for a lovely romantic weekend, after enduring a totally non-romantic slog of a week. . Well, the journey to work need not always be lacking in …. …..especially if you were one of the tired on the 19.57 London Overground Service to Watford Junction, in carriage no.2 on […]

You’ve Got A Friend.

HI, . One of the best things in life is to spend time with good friends, and this applies to all animals equally. . I love this this clip, which shows a wonderful friendship and tolerance between two very unusual creatures. After all, fun is  fun! . . It reminded me of the between the […]

Going Like A Bomb.

Hi, . How are you! Things are very quiet for us here at the moment, given the horrible rainy weather and the chilly winds lately. It was so bad that I got earache from it when we went on our last long walk….as if I need any more body parts going wrong at the moment! […]

Naked Dance.

Good Morning, . . As you know, I like doing figurative art…and find the human body to be beautiful in many ways and . . Especially in the art-forms of . . . Such as , as wonderfully depicted in …. Degas’s Ballerinas. . . . . I find this beautiful too….for me, hardly just […]

Don’t Spend A Penny.

Hi, . Now all of us need to ‘spend a penny’ at some time or another. . But of course other people be them! This is just an idea which caught my eye, and I shall quickly get to the bottom of the matter for you. . A gentleman, who had spent about 35 years […]

Have You Got The Clap?

Hi, . Here we see an unusual thing. Would you believe that it is possible to clap at such a speed that you can reach 14 claps PER SECOND!!!!!! . Whoaaah! . . . Now that is impressive….but I bet I could do it if I was drunk enough!!!!! . Of course, not everybody takes […]

Guns Are Dangerous.

Hi, . There are many people who think that everyone should be able to carry guns here in the UK….just the same way as they can in America….to protect themselves and their property. . But sometimes it is painfully brought home to them that there can be dangers from this right to the possession of […]

A Police Beat.

hey, . Today we can see something a little lighthearted after all of the recent that we all had to suffer through. . The Notting Hill Carnival closely followed on after that and people were very worried about what could happen there. . There was a massive police presence, which was reported to be higher […]

Four Is A Good Age To Be.

Hi, . Today I had to decide between telling you about the kind of day I had yesterday… or…show you something to . . So, it was a toss up between telling you all the details of how I had bought a long green pure silk dress incredibly cheaply in a sale situation …. without […]