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I Will Punch You! That Thing Is Freakin’ Huge!

Hey, . I know ….it is Monday, but how about a good laugh to begin the day. You will enjoy this, except perhaps if you are one of the many amongst us. . It happened in Indiana. In the studio of Fox 59, total panic broke out when they were in the middle of a weather […]

A Weekend Flight Of Fancy.

Hey, Hey, , So it is ….and guess what….it’s wettish. Now there’s a surprise ….Not! . Anyway there is no point in grumbling, because it is almost the end of our summer and that’s that, and the days are already getting shorter again. It is a good job that it will be soon, ‘cos getting […]

Housework Kills.

Good morning to you, . We have a morning here which looks like the opening of a story, all pale and thick grey fog, revealing the odd spectral figure within. Nice one for August! . Today I am a bit sore, and getting this post out is proving to be a bit touch and go, […]

First Date Hell.

Hello Folks, . You know that we are all for the perfect partner. So what is the worst first date that you ever went on. . Come along now….you know that we all had one. There is a new website which has immediately become extremely popular…. crapdate.com. . This site was started by a guy […]


Hello, . Things to make you go . . Whoahhhh! . . . . . . . . And of course…. absolutely WHOAAAHHHHHH! . . Don’t try that after a few drinks! J,x. . . and specially for you…to end on a high note… . . .

Suffering Succotash!

Hi, . Isn’t it funny how you can be totally struck by something that you have never noticed before. . It’s like a ‘Sylvester ‘ cartoon I saw again recently. You remember how it goes….when he says the catchphrase, he pronounces it is ‘thufferin thuccatash’…. because he has a lisp. . After years of seeing […]

Typical Man!

Hi, . Another quick one for you. . You know what women say about men not wanting to get married. You can see that they start young.   This YouTube item is the newest sensation, and you can see why! . . . .

Tatton Park RHS Flowershow 2011

. RHS Show Tatton Park. Cheshire. July 20th- July 24th. . Once again many people enjoy admiring the exhibits in this wonderful show, and as usual there are many wonderful displays on view to an admiring public, and of course everyone has their own favourite one. . Mine is the flowerbed which was chosen to […]

The Fun-Loving People Will Have Their Way.

Hi, . When you look at top models, both male and female, they do not really have much in common with the everyday people who drool over the fashion magazines and then dash to buy the that were advertised. . You rarely see anyone being used to advertise the clothing sold at high street shops […]

Ed Milliband Malfunction? These Strikes Are Wrong!

Hi, . Is it just me….or is Mr Milliband having a malfunction of one of his more mechanical parts. . Or is he perhaps trying to say that….These Strikes Are Wrong. . So Here We Go. . . What do you think! . Come on now, stop behaving in a reckless and provocative manner, put […]