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Mysterious Green Cloud Over Moscow.

Hi,   Big scare in Russia yesterday morning.   The residents of Moscow woke up and were stupefied to see the sky. It was green.   Apparently there is a ‘green cloud’ hanging over the place.   There were many panicked reports on Twitter etc. and officials struggled to calm the fears of the worried […]

Harrod’s Could Not Do It Better.

Hey,   OMG …. what a STELLAR day.   The grass is neon green, the sky is luminously blue, and everything is even better than perfect. Do you know, if you ordered a perfect day from Harrods, they could not do it better, And it is totally free!   This morning, after breakfast, Big H […]

Mr. Button.

Happy Monday to you,   So, how are you! I am fine, thank you!   Yesterday we were lucky that the rain stayed away and we managed to actually get into the garden and do some very necessary tidying up. My task was to pick up and bag the deep drifts of well crisped brown […]

Brown Sauce Makes It Perfect..

Hi’ya,   We have a dramatic day today, with an ever-changing aspect. It is totally black and moody one minute, and then the sky suddenly splits to show bright luminous blueness as strong sunshine pours down.   I am hoping that the sunshine wins because we are planning to go and tidy the garden up […]

First Cut Of The Season

Good Morning, . Well, things have picked up weatherwise now. Yesterday it was so sunny in the afternoon that we went for a ‘pootle about’ in the car …. and with the top down too! . It was lovely driving around Northumberland, gazing at the lush greenness which suddenly changes into bare landscapes with only […]

Poem: Buddleia.

Buddleia. . A buddleia bush. Rangy arms thrust In every direction. Not tidy, or well ordered, But decorated like a masterpiece By butterflies that congregate Upon vivid blue flowers. . .

Setting Fires And Stuff.

Hey, Hey, . And a good morning to yourself. I hope that your weekend so far has been enjoyable….if not, you still have all of Sunday to go…. so get on with it! . My own weekend has been fine, but somewhat quiet, after all of that travelling a few days ago, to find bags […]

Now THAT’S What I Call A Long Garden!

Hello Folks, . I hope that you had a fine weekend yourself. . We had a lovely one up here, because the weather did live up to the ‘sunny’ forecast, and Big H and I made the most of it all. At one point, we went to the garden to and generally tidy everything up […]

Tatton Park RHS Flowershow 2011

. RHS Show Tatton Park. Cheshire. July 20th- July 24th. . Once again many people enjoy admiring the exhibits in this wonderful show, and as usual there are many wonderful displays on view to an admiring public, and of course everyone has their own favourite one. . Mine is the flowerbed which was chosen to […]

What A Treat.

Good Morning Peeps, . Did you enjoy the weekend, wherever you spent it. I hope that you did! . It may be a Monday today but who cares. Here in the UK we have all enjoyed an amazing few days of exotic weather. In some areas it reached an amazing 23C ( 73F)…. at the […]