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Mangold-Wurzels Matter!

Hellooo, . How are you today….perhaps, as it is Friday, you are feeling good. Hopefully you have the weekend off, to spend in whatever way pleases you best. . We do not have any particular plans, as big H is very tired at the moment, but ! . We both got up at the same […]

The ‘Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester’ Effect!

Hey Folks…. ….and a good morning to you. . Yesterday was quite a busy one for a change. We went to hospital in the morning and then had a look around the shops but I soon got bored with it. I am looking to buy a shiny black down-filled jacket/coat, now that I have been […]

Life And It’s Vagaries.

Hey, . Good morning to yourself. I hope that you are starting a great Saturday, followed by the rest of an excellent weekend. . The weather is still grey and rainy here, but warmish, although not really a day to stimulate the wish to go for a walk because it is now. . My patio […]

Poem: Don’t You Think.

Don’t You Think. . . Don’t you think it’s a miracle To see someone create a garden, To take over a piece of weed choked ground And will it into a living paradise Of colour, birdsong, movement, Light and quiet contentment. . .

Poem: My Garden Is Full Of Crap.

My Garden Is Full Of Crap. . The old lady next door Is a looney. The old woman next door Is a tartar. She has hundreds of cats And they’re driving me bats, By crapping all over my Iris Ensata. . .


Hello, hello, hello, . Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to tell you an amazing thing. . Did you know that you can now hear the voice of a tree! You can even go and hear it yourself if you are lucky enough to live near to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. . An artist […]

Poem: Yuk.

yuk . i walked to the allotment i had not been there before i could not find a bite to eat ‘cos everything was raw . .

A Bed Of Roses.

Hello Peeps, . And the top of the morning to you all. I am lucky enough to have a nice sunny day here myself. . When I was watering my plants today, and feeding the birds their breakfast of left overs and prawn crackers, I was remembering those long ago, blisteringly hot summer days of […]


Hello Peeps, Today started off sunny so we went out to cut the grass.  At least Big H cut the grass and I pulled out even more Bindweed. We are plagued with the stuff and it never gives up. . Bindweed is amazingly pretty when you see it on waste land, growing up through trees […]

Calm after the storm

Hi again Peeps, It is now Thursday and all is well. My long awaited breakfast did not escape from me this time. . Big H calmly sat me down last night and explained a few things about using the computer, once I had finished having I find this a very long winded and awkward way […]