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Escalator Terror.

Hey; . This is just to help cheer you up, as today’s sad post may have left you somewhat depressed. . I know that such things always upset me, although we obviously need to know about such things in order to prevent them! . Anyway, I thought you might like to see what happens when […]

Cassandra: Make-up Masterclass: How To Conceal Acne.

Hi, . It is sad to think how many people have acne. Sometimes they feel so bad that they are unwilling to leave the house….and are often coping with feelings of having no confidence at all. . People like 19 year old Cassandra Bankson, who lives in California. This young lady has severe acne, but […]

Meet Me In Winter. 2.

Hi, . Just a quick catch-up on my about the wonderful idea behind ‘Meet Me In Winter’. . The whole concept has continued spreading to catch the hearts and emotions of many different people all over the UK….fulfilling the original belief of the organisers that ‘together, we can do extraordinary things’. . It was talked […]

Keeping Ahead Of The Game.

Hi, . And a really good morning to yourself. . It is great here this morning. There was the usual chilly start to the day, but now we have sunshine and icy ….nice! . There are no set plans for us today so far, but if this weather holds then I think we will probably […]

You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

Good Morning, . I hope I find you having a good day out there. . Sorry I have been somewhat  tardy with my posting this weekend, but I am in the middle of enjoying a smashing family visit and am therefore a lot busier than I get to be during my normal days with the […]

Meet Me In Winter. 1.

. Hey, . There are many picturesque and that are examples of the best to be found in Britain. . Places like the lovely small market town in the Cotswolds….enchantingly named Wotton-under-Edge. . . . In this place an idea grew from the thoughts of Katie Elliott….and spread on their website …. meetmeinwinter.org. The result […]

Clever Hobbitses.

Hi, . As you were rushing to leave home today, have you ever given a thought to the reasons why many of us are always tiredly dashing off to work. . Is it to pay the large mortgage upon one of the huge structures that we are encouraged to aspire to, with some houses now […]

Don’t Spend A Penny.

Hi, . Now all of us need to ‘spend a penny’ at some time or another. . But of course other people be them! This is just an idea which caught my eye, and I shall quickly get to the bottom of the matter for you. . A gentleman, who had spent about 35 years […]

Flower Power!

Good Morning People, . I was up early again today, in time to watch a reasonably nice sunrise….all faint and yellow through the cloud layer. Perhaps we shall enjoy another variable yet mainly sunny day like yesterday, you just need to time it right between the rain showers and you can enjoy a fine walk […]

Tooth Filling Without Any Scary And Painful Drilling.

Hi, . Today is starting in the usual way….very cold and damp and grey. The same old, same old! . Yesterday was different to my expectations, because we had a visit from who calls every once in for a catch-up. . Big H and I were just on our way out to go and cut […]