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Are You Looking For True Love?

Hi romantics, . So, are you ….true and lasting . Well, there is now a site which follows on from an old idea, which may well help you to find ‘the one’. . Many years ago a lady in the USA married a man who was quite similar looking to her. And this is a […]

A Weekend Flight Of Fancy.

Hey, Hey, , So it is ….and guess what….it’s wettish. Now there’s a surprise ….Not! . Anyway there is no point in grumbling, because it is almost the end of our summer and that’s that, and the days are already getting shorter again. It is a good job that it will be soon, ‘cos getting […]

First Date Hell.

Hello Folks, . You know that we are all for the perfect partner. So what is the worst first date that you ever went on. . Come along now….you know that we all had one. There is a new website which has immediately become extremely popular…. crapdate.com. . This site was started by a guy […]

All I Want For Christmas Is….

Hello, . How the hell are you today. . I am fine …. thank you for asking! . I had a thought this morning…. about….what would you if you were given one wish …but only to do with yourself. What would be good! . My answer to the question was that I would like a […]

Kissy, Kissy.

Hey, . New ideas are good in any situation….and of course in . It does not matter what you think of it, because just the act of watching and forming the opinion that you have of it is stimulating. . I was reading about a woman called Natalie Irish, an from Houston, Texas. . She […]

Shedding A Little Light In A Naughty World.

Hi, . Today I thought That I would be a bit of a bright spark and talk about a very special and well-loved thing. . Something which has a fan club of thousands and is well admired world-wide. . ? Then I’ll begin…. . On June 18th 2011, a hand blown , with a carbon […]

To Pee Or Not To Pee.

Hi, . As I am sure that we would all agree, weekends are excellent opportunities for a bit of fun…..food, drink, friends, and a bit of a laugh. However, it is possible to go to far….or perhaps not far enough, in order to reach a proper toilet! . It is against the law to pee […]

The Cube Project.

Hey, Hey, . I hope that all is well with yourself today….and with your home and hearth. . My thoughts have been turning to again lately, and to the changes required for a retirement move. . I have also often wondered how much ‘stuff’ we actually need instead of the mountains of ‘neccessary’ posessions that […]

So How Does A Firework Feel On The 4th July!

Hello, . I know that this is that lots of you, especially you Americans, want to know the answer to. . Indeed, it may actually be one of the great questions of our time! . It is not something that you would ever expect to find the answer to, but if you really want to […]

Paul Gutierrez Is Desperate To Find Himself A Bride!

Hi, . Tuesday greetings to you….I hope that your week is going well for you….and that your love-life is totally satisfactory. . However, for some of us, true love can be an elusive thing. Paul Gutierrez is a prime example. . This 38 year old from Elgin, , has apparently never even had one girlfriend […]