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Good Ideas

Time To Kiss More Frogs.

Hi People, . Greetings to you on this beautiful sunlit morning….I do hope that you are as lucky with as we are here. Amazing how good some hot sunshine can make you feel. Everything seems to look so much better this way. . I wrote a post some time ago about two people who apparently […]

Buy Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat. NOW!

Hello Folks, . You do remember the furore which was caused by that was worn by Princess beatrice at the Royal Wedding recently. It became infamous and quickly developed a life of it’s own….and fans! . The princess has now had the most excellent idea of using all of the resulting publicity, and interest, to […]

It’s A Puzzle!

Good Morning , . Hello folks. Have you got a soon and you cannot think of anything that is a bit different. Is your recipient one of life’s problem solvers….does your recipient like a good ? . Well I have just seen something which may fit the bill….even for someone who is not called Bill! […]

New Medical Breakthrough. Stem Cell Treatment For Burns.

Hi Folks, . . Today I read about a new and seemingly wondrous in medicine that is in it’s early stage of development, said to have been recently highlighted on The National Geographic Channel. It concerned the development of a method of stem cell treatment to be used for the treatment of burns injury patients. […]

Are Smelly Feet Spoiling Your Sex Life?

Hi, . If this heading does actually apply to you, then you probably do feel that you have a serious problem to cope with. This news may be the answer to your ….or would that be the fervent prayers of your long-suffering partner? . The SteriShoe is a marvellous invention that uses the power of […]

A Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Valentine Love.

Hello folks, . I hope you are feeling frisky today and that your love life is going well. If it is, then you probably had an excellent Valentine’s day with your special one. . However, what would you have done if your expected date had suddenly become your x-date, on the day before Valentines. . […]

Unbelievable. Children Swimming With Polar Bears.

Hey dear peeps, . This is way different….I kid you not. OMG. . I tell you people, I have never seen anything like this before. Whoever devised this is a genius. I mean, I am quite blase about most man-made types of experience…..except sex of course. I would not go to Disney unless my life […]

Find Out The Crime Levels On The Street Where You Live.

Hey Folks, . Nice morning here today. It could even be described as warm. Now there’s an improvement! . Yesterday saw the launching of a very good idea by the police. . It is a new website called www.police.uk. . This is an excellent innovation that allows you to log on and find out about […]

A Fine Idea.

Good morning Peeps, . I wish you fun on this fine , . Well, it is actually coldish, wettish and greyish once again….but not minus 20…. so that is an improvement. I keep a ‘weather eye’ out for any changes, because the bad weather is forecast to start again very soon, but as yet we […]

More Innovations To help The Blind To See.

Hi, . More excellent for some of those who are presently blind. . And excellent news for the policeman, David Rathband, 42, who was blinded when he came across Raoul Moat during his rampage across the North-East in July. If you remember, he was hit in the face with a direct shotgun blast. Unfortunately his […]