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The Curious Case Of ‘The Glasses From Boots Opticians’.

Hi,   And so we eventually get to the end (?) of the long running saga about my useless new glasses from . As you will remember, it took quite a lot of upsetting arguments with the shop staff before they would actually give me another eye examination when I went back to report that […]

A Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Da-a-ay.

Hi,   We seem to have the promise of a sunny day here, which is nice. Intimations of summer and all that.   Of course we can look at summery stuff, just to remind ourselves of what we hope is coming this year. My favourite thing is imagining myself on a UK beach, paddling at […]

Boots The Opticians Really Sucks Big-Time!

Hey, Sorry to have missed yesterday’s post but I was too busy having a shitty day.   In the morning I went into town with Big H because I had my eye re-test appointment at Boots Opticians. , this was necessary because the last prescription they did for me was apparently wrong, and this meant […]

All Teeth And Eyes!

Hello, Hello,   My goodness, what an outstandingly beautiful day today …. there is heat, blue skies and wonderful sunshine, even in the early part of the morning. When you consider that I have also had the most outstanding weekend, then all is pretty much perfect!   Big H and I have been enjoying a […]

Speccy Four Eyes Has A Problem.

Hey,   It’s Wednesday already. Excellent!   We had a busy day yesterday …. at the opticians.   Recently, I had an eye test in our local city …. and then I asked how much it would cost to just have my own diamante-type frames re-glazed, instead of buying new ones. There does not seem […]

Rock-A-Bye Baby.

Hi, . I know that many ‘experts’ are at loggerheads about the correct way to treat babies. I also know that many tentative new mothers are very timid, when it comes to the best advice, and when it comes to deciding who to listen to. . Sometimes gut  instinct is actually the best way. If […]

Ahad. A Miracle Of Healing.

Hi, . As I was researching for  about ‘half head man’, I came across a truly inspiring story. . In Dayton, Ohio, a 14 year old boy was a bystander who was terribly injured during a shooting. He was found in a pool of blood, with an area of his head destroyed. . His surgeons […]

Half Head Man.

Hi, . For some time now, there have been mug-shot pictures of a man on YouTube, a man who appeared to have only half of his head. . Most people said that it was the result of Photoshop alterations, but now it seems that the truth is that it is possible to recover as normal […]

Acid Attack Victim Has Her Sight Restored.

Hi, . Just a bit more about the arduous journey of healing which brave Katie Piper is undergoing since being the unfortunate victim of an awful . . She is now 29 and has many sessions of facial reconstruction and other procedures to get through. But things have been gradually improving and she is looking […]

Tao Porchon-Lynch

Hi, . I was reading about an unusual lady this week, who wowed everyone in Mumbai recntly when  at an event there. She is called Tao Porchon-Lynch. She re-located from India to America in her thirties. She is a Yoga Master, having practiced for the past 70 years, and she still teaches. She is 93. […]