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The Shocking Re-appearance Of A Victorian Disease.

Hi, . What an excellent morning  it is today. The sky is pale grey, it is very cold but there is one bright ray of sunshine and it is cheering to see it. . That bright shaft of light reminds me of how horrified I felt to find out that there is now a rise […]

The Bells Are Ringing.

Hey, , Hope that I find you happy today, and also hoping that your year is starting in a good way. . My own world is still white, cold and snowy. . I am sitting here listening to the church bells calling, as it is a Sunday, and all of the faithful are no doubt […]

Deep And Crisp And Even.

Good Morning Peeps, . How are you this most excellent December day. . I hope that good things are happening to you. . Back here where I dwell, it is way cold, but it looks entirely beautiful. Everything is covered in white, the spectral trees looking like fine lace against a hazily blue sky, and […]

New Eye Implants Offer Perfect Vision.

Hi, . Remember my with laser eye correction? I ended up cancelling my appointment for the laser operation because I had continued doing research on the procedure and had become concerned upon a few points. Two years previously I had been diagnosed as having the beginnings of catatract formation in both eyes, which was a […]

Could The Fountain Of Life Have Flowed With Green Tea!

Good day, . It is a lovely day today. The sky is a startling blue and the sun is shining. It has been so very wet lately that you can almost see the steam rising as the area dries out, like damp clothes on an airer. . The work that is being done in the […]

Wall To Wall Blue Skies.

Hello my friend, . Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies this morning.  Most beguiling. . I have already been out and fed those totally ungrateful birds their breakfast. These crows are still very nervous of me. I make a loud clicking noise to let them know that food is coming and then I shake […]

Caring for An Alzheimer’s Sufferer.

Hi, . There are at least 400.000 people affected by Alzheimer’s in Britain at the moment. For those dealing with a person with Alzheimer’s, or those who wonder if they could, or for those just curious about the condition there is a moving account about someone who spent years trying to cope with this awful […]

Help For Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers?

Hey,, . Even more useful information drawn from The Times today. . It seems that there are currently about 40,000 patients, with Rheumatoid Arthritis, who cannot be helped with available medications. . For the last decade there were no new medications developed that could help these people. Tocilizumab is the first. It is administered by […]

A Possible New Cure For Cancer.

Good morning to you, . What a fine morning I am looking at today. It is still awfully cold, but the sky is wall to wall pale blue, and all of my neighbours’ windows on the left hand side of the street are reflecting the sunshine. I can also see many big black birds sitting […]

My Final Decision Was To Cancel It.

Hello Peeps, . I hope I find you well and happy today. . I have spent a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks making up my mind about something very important. . Do you remember me telling you about   having laser for her extremely shortsighted eyes last year? Eventually followed […]