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84 Days To Change Your Life.

Hey, . How are you today then! I hope that you are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. . Perhaps you may be feeling a bit depressed because you are not keeping to your New year resolution(s). . Just in case you were inspired to make a decision cut the calories calories, get fitter and slimmer ….  […]

Is Cheap Meat Worth The Cost!

Hey. . I thought about a bacon sandwich this morning but I just could not actually do it. I think that I may end up a bloody vegetarian through the sheer shame of the way we allow farm animals to be treated on the way to the dinner table. Why, for the sake of even […]

A Little Sly Training.

Hi, . How is life treating you then. . Were you looking forward to Christmas, or were you worrying about all of those extra pounds that you would gain before the festivities are over with. . And have you! Is losing it your New Year Resolution! . Well, you know, your fate and your physique […]

Taking It On The Chin.

Hey Folks, . Is your weekend progressing well. Are you having the time of your life! . Well, if so, I am pleased that one of us is having fun, because my life has turned to shit again. Unfortunately I have broken down once more, like a well used toy. . Last night I went […]

Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue.

Hello Peeps, . I have been reading about the strangest thing. . Apparently someone other than the old WWII Hitler doctors has been interested in turning brown eyes into Nordic blue ones. . I wonder how many people have a secret desire to change their eye colour in this way…perhaps there is a suspicion that […]

The Winds Of Change.

Hi, . Greetings to you from the dark and rainy North. . Today I am thinking about the changes in since I was growing up, remember that we only bought a television when I was about 13. It only received broadcasts for a certain number of hours per day. . Nowadays things are very very […]

The Incredible Ageing Woman.

Hi, . Today I woke to surprisingly bright sunshine, and forecasts promise a couple of days of unseasonably good, warm weather. Yeah, possibly, but the seasons pass inexorably no matter what we prefer, or how much we protest their change. . It is the same with life. All of us worry about the unwelcome effects […]

It Makes Dying Look Good.

Good day, . This morning we all awoke to pale blue skies and anaemic sunshine….and the news that it has been snowing already….now there’s cheerful then! . Actually I am feeling quite grumpy this morning because I have been somewhat unwell twice over the last two days. I mean, nothing terminal, just unpleasant. . My […]

Flower Power!

Good Morning People, . I was up early again today, in time to watch a reasonably nice sunrise….all faint and yellow through the cloud layer. Perhaps we shall enjoy another variable yet mainly sunny day like yesterday, you just need to time it right between the rain showers and you can enjoy a fine walk […]

Guns Are Dangerous.

Hi, . There are many people who think that everyone should be able to carry guns here in the UK….just the same way as they can in America….to protect themselves and their property. . But sometimes it is painfully brought home to them that there can be dangers from this right to the possession of […]