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Man In Dinner Suit Falls Down Stairs Near The Savoy.

Hi, . Something a little different today. . I know I have shown you in the past but this is a bit different. This dinner-suited gentleman was reported as having been ejected from an awards ceremony at the grand old Savoy Hotel . The posh do was being hosted by the inimitable Stephen Fry. . […]

So Far, The Beansprouts Wuz Innocent!

. Good morning…. from a cloudy, but warm, region of the UK. . Everything here seems relatively calm and under control at the moment, apart from the usual underhanded dealings of suspect , scandals in , underfunded and totally inept immigration policies and the indulgence towards criminals instead of proper concern for their victims. But, […]

The Outbreak Worsens.

Hi, . With about the present outbreak of E-Coli, which began in Germany. . The culprit was most probably bean sprouts, in the opinion of official sources in . ‘So it was bean sprouts what done it’. . Apparently it has been discovered that there were deliveries of these vegetables to the which are at […]

Something Nasty This Way Comes.

Good Morning, . I am afraid that we need to be careful at the moment because there is out there which is putting people in danger. . Health officials are giving warnings about a new strain of the old favourite E-Coli which is causing havoc worldwide, as approaching 2,000 people have caught it so far […]

Accept No Limits.

Hello people of all ages, . I had a birthday recently and had to face the unwelcome thought that I am getting to be significantly aged. . That brings with it many stereotypes which are held by other people. It covers stuff like expecting to see excessively wrinkled decrepit looking people, who cannot function without […]

Getting A Stiffie Could Make You Deaf.

Hi People, . . I remember when I was very young, and in those far-off days was not a relaxed subject. . Young male children were often warned not to masturbate themselves, because it would make them go blind. As you can imagine, that sort of thing can lead to hang-ups in relationships later. Obviously […]

Sick As A Parrot.

Hi, . As you may have gathered from today’s heading….this is not a good day for me so far….and I spent most of yesterday nursing a crashing headache. . I woke up  at my of 3am again this morning, but this time I just lay in bed feeling weak, nauseous and shivery. My head was […]

Really Bad News From Vancouver.

. Hi Folks, . It is dreary and cold again here….back to the usual weather I fear. . It is so changed now, that we have upped temperature on the central heating, dug out the winter sweaters again and put the padded quilt back down on top of the duvet. . All of which brings […]

If You Go Down In The Woods Today, Be Sure Of A Big Surprise.

Hey, . Did you know that it was ‘Tick Bite Prevention Week’ last week? Do even the targeted ticks know that? I very much doubt that the fact has really impinged on them yet. . However all joking aside, they are becoming a serious problem. . They first came to my notice years ago when […]

Too Good To Miss.

Hey, . Happy Monday. . Apparently we are going to have another period of good weather this week, culminating in extremely high temperatures over the Easter weekend…sounds like a treat ….if it happens! Of course that probably means the roads will be packed with cars containing older men in hats….all their collective noses. . This […]