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A Growing Danger To Pets.

Hi, . So we have finally reached the weekend, and it is totally warm and sunny here, just as promised by the weather forecasters. Excellent, this time they got it right. . I expect that many of you will be this weekend and letting them do a little exploring, or just letting them play in […]

Claire Blogs About Deciding to Remove Her Breasts.

Hi Peeps, . It does not matter what day it is or what rubbish weather I am experiencing today, because my worries are small ones. It certainly brings that fact home when you read about someone who is facing real life or death decisions through the vagaries of fate. . Today  I,wanted to tell you […]

Touch Wood.

Hello, . So we have reached . I hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can now enjoy long hours in which to do whatever pleases you the most. . This morning I met one of my friends when I was shopping. Sadly, we do not see each other very often now, […]

Another Idea For Would-Be Slimmers.

Hello, . There are always new ideas in the pipeline to take advantage of the huge market for . . How about one that proposes to make you slim while you eat. . Chillies are a more than just’hot’, it could possibly be that an ingredient from certain chillies could revolutionise the whole slimming industry. […]

Bitten By Bedbugs On BA Planes.

Hi. . This is my fourth post in a series, which are all concerned with the same nasty and matter, I hope that all is well with you, although it may not be if you have just been on a flight with BA. . I have been reading a shocking story about the flight that […]

Binge Britain On Film.

Hey, . We all like . . Most of us like the odd drink. . Some of us do go a bit far at times. . However, it does generally seem that the accusations that are frequently levelled at us, about ours being a ‘binge-drinking’ culture, sadly seems to be true. . There is now […]

New Medical Breakthrough. Stem Cell Treatment For Burns.

Hi Folks, . . Today I read about a new and seemingly wondrous in medicine that is in it’s early stage of development, said to have been recently highlighted on The National Geographic Channel. It concerned the development of a method of stem cell treatment to be used for the treatment of burns injury patients. […]

Are Smelly Feet Spoiling Your Sex Life?

Hi, . If this heading does actually apply to you, then you probably do feel that you have a serious problem to cope with. This news may be the answer to your ….or would that be the fervent prayers of your long-suffering partner? . The SteriShoe is a marvellous invention that uses the power of […]

The Bedbugs Are Now Infesting British Hotels.

Hi, . Did you go away for a romantic weekend in a posh hotel to celebrate Valentine’s day. Did you bring home wonderful memories ….I hope so….but what else might you have brought home unknowingly. I really do hate to tell you. . I have been waiting for this post to be written ever since […]

Tethered To The Bed.

Hey, Hey, another day! . And this one promises to be a carbon copy of yesterday….apart from reading the papers. . Big h has been very kind and has brought me food, along with half of . As I am not much of a Florence Nightingale myself, I can guess what a pain in the […]