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The Eternal Battle.

Hello Folks, . How are you today. If you live here in the UK, you may not have a lot to be pleased about, but at least you probably haven’t been bitten today. . Of course, we are talking about midgies here, as I have no knowledge at all about your Vampire leanings. Your own […]

This Is My Yukky Day!

Hi, . So it is Wednesday….so far so good….but today I have my first visit to a new dentist…so, not so good now! . Along with most of you, a visit to the dentist’s is not my idea of a fun happening, most especially not with a new one….and you have decide who to choose […]

Let’s Not Go To Bed.

Hi, . I am sad to have to tell you that we are now as bad as , when it comes to bed bugs. . I have written about this in the recent past….and it is getting much much worse now. . This has been highlighted by media reports which allege that there was a […]

Fly Heaven.

Hi, . It is time for a really rubbishy post. . It seems that it is , Hampshire, which is drowning in filth at the moment. . No, we are not talking about a city-wide predilection for porn….we are talking about rubbish….uncollected mountains of it. . For the past month bin-men have been striking in […]

Really Bad News From Vancouver.

. Hi Folks, . It is dreary and cold again here….back to the usual weather I fear. . It is so changed now, that we have upped temperature on the central heating, dug out the winter sweaters again and put the padded quilt back down on top of the duvet. . All of which brings […]

If You Go Down In The Woods Today, Be Sure Of A Big Surprise.

Hey, . Did you know that it was ‘Tick Bite Prevention Week’ last week? Do even the targeted ticks know that? I very much doubt that the fact has really impinged on them yet. . However all joking aside, they are becoming a serious problem. . They first came to my notice years ago when […]

Bitten By Bedbugs On BA Planes.

Hi. . This is my fourth post in a series, which are all concerned with the same nasty and matter, I hope that all is well with you, although it may not be if you have just been on a flight with BA. . I have been reading a shocking story about the flight that […]

The Bedbugs Are Now Infesting British Hotels.

Hi, . Did you go away for a romantic weekend in a posh hotel to celebrate Valentine’s day. Did you bring home wonderful memories ….I hope so….but what else might you have brought home unknowingly. I really do hate to tell you. . I have been waiting for this post to be written ever since […]

Hotels Are Unsafe Now.

Hi, . This  is not really a subject that I am happy with because I totally hate the thought of blood sucking creepie-crawlies, but unfortunately this subject is such a relevant one nowadays. Especially if you like spending time in hotels….and this includes the very best ones too. Especially if you like holidaying in America. […]

Headmaster Eats A Tarantula.

Hi, . We have a damp morning here today, but we are getting used to it now, so that’s OK. If we cannot go out so much in such weather, there is always tropical stuff to watch on the television…or a good book to get totally lost in. . Things can be weird though, have […]