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Along Came A Spider.

Hi, . How are you today, with the weekend all but here. Hopefully you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again….with a healthy wet nose! . Yesterday turned out to be a superb day, with blue skies, strong sunshine, and it was wonderfully warm again. We went to our garden and admired all of our plants and […]

Bloodsuckers. A Plague On Cimex Lectularius.

G’day, . How’s life….I hope that it is treating you kindly, with days of wine and roses and nights of blissful repose. . Or perhaps not ….the blissful repose part anyway. . Would you believe that bedbugs are making a very successful comeback, after the days of the effective but now banned pesticides which were […]

The Terror In The Attic.

Hey, . Attics are the place where we people search, in the hope of finding some forgotten treasure, but sometimes you can find something quit extraordinary and not at all welcome. How about a wasps nest that is said to be about 5′ wide ans up to 6′ in height. . A pest controller called […]

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, As Timothy Leary Said.

Hi, beautiful peeps, . Everything’s cool man, Lat’s just kick back, It’s all feeling groovy…. …..you may have guessed by now that I  have regressed to some form of 60’s or Nirvana….and you would be . I am feeling totally blissed out and way out of my tree. So let me tell you why. Are […]

New, Fabulous BBC Series. You CAN NOT Miss This! ,

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night Big H showed me a film clip last night, and it totally took my breath away. . It shows you a lizard….nicknamed ‘The Jesus Christ Lizard’ …..which walks on water. . The film was shot at 2,000 frames per second in order to show the amazing, slow motion, footage. […]

Spiders In My Hair.

Hey Peeps, Greetings to you all. . Hoping that life is still treating you kindly. (A timely word to you denizens of The Web who are looking at this post in your office.  The highlighted import when you click on ‘The Animals’ is Very Loud music….which may not be a good idea in that particular […]

A Good Result.

Hi, . I was so upset by the this morning that I quite forgot to tell you the good…very good…news about Big H. . You may remember the first blog, where I told you all about his , and then the following one about to solving his problem once and for all. . Well, he […]

The Party’s Over.

Greetings to you, . The party’s over, so to speak, and the Bank Holiday has been and gone. But excellent anyway. I hope that you managed to have a wonderful break, even if you spent a large part of it hiding from the rain, just like us. . We did manage to have one nice […]

Shocking news about illegal immigrants.

Hello unwary people of Kent. . Do you know that you have anything  from three thousand, to up to ten thousand, illegal immigrants, living and breeding in your beautiful County. . It would appear that they arrived hidden in imported goods packed in the holds of  unsuspecting cargo ships. Once in Sheerness they sneaked away, […]

Putting it out of it’s misery.

HI, . How are you you today.  I hope that you have had a good weekend. Mine was really excellent and yesterday afternoon was a most enjoyable one. . The sun had been shining  down wonderfully again all morning and we were settled reading the Sunday papers when Big H had the grand idea of […]