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A bloody sneak attack

Hello Everyone, . Today the weather here is still unbelievably tropical. For the last three or four days it has been hot and humid to an extent which is unusual here. . However I have found myself an unexpected drawback. . Normally I would not consider wearing shorts.  In fact I think that the last […]

Let’s talk about parasites.

Hi Peeps, I have just had the hottest night.  In the weather sense not the biblical. I eventually got up early because Big H was giving off heat like a furnace.  It reminded me of living in the Middle East. It used to be so hot and humid when we lived out there, that my […]

Last post

Hi, . This might be my last post because I may be dying from food poisoning. . I will seriously resent it if I do come to such a rubbish, and not in the least bit stylish, kind of end, because I always imagined myself dying wonderfully! But to die because bloody Spar is selling […]