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Boots The Opticians Really Sucks Big-Time!

Hey, Sorry to have missed yesterday’s post but I was too busy having a shitty day.   In the morning I went into town with Big H because I had my eye re-test appointment at Boots Opticians. , this was necessary because the last prescription they did for me was apparently wrong, and this meant […]

Little Miss Muffet Has Nothing On THIS Stuff!

Hi, . Have you seen the BigDog Robot, which has been developed by Boston Dynamics, with funding supplied by DARPA …. Defense Advanced Research Agency. . The following film is from 2008. It shows how the can work on ice and snow, walk over stones etc., and also how it can jump and clinb while […]

Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue.

Hello Peeps, . I have been reading about the strangest thing. . Apparently someone other than the old WWII Hitler doctors has been interested in turning brown eyes into Nordic blue ones. . I wonder how many people have a secret desire to change their eye colour in this way…perhaps there is a suspicion that […]

A Safari Feeling.

Hey Folks, . Wow, it is dark here today. It is 10am and we still need all the lights on in the living room, while outside it is gloomy, wet and very very grey….a Gothic sort of day actually. I think that if were going to be found lurking in the daylight hours, it would […]

MABEL: I Robot.

Hello, . Something a bit different from the usual today. It is about robots….and no, I am not talking about our current crop of politicians. . Researchers in development at the University of Michigan have created MABEL. MABEL being a two legged which is now being put through it’s paces. . It can run at […]

Suffering Succotash!

Hi, . Isn’t it funny how you can be totally struck by something that you have never noticed before. . It’s like a ‘Sylvester ‘ cartoon I saw again recently. You remember how it goes….when he says the catchphrase, he pronounces it is ‘thufferin thuccatash’…. because he has a lisp. . After years of seeing […]

Strange New Discovery On Surface Of Mars.

Hi, . There is an amazing amount of interest in a certain YouTube video at the moment. . It was uploaded by a man called David Martines. He is said to have found a fascinating image on Mars while he was looking at the planet….compliments of . . While looking very closely at the surface […]

Something Nasty This Way Comes.

Good Morning, . I am afraid that we need to be careful at the moment because there is out there which is putting people in danger. . Health officials are giving warnings about a new strain of the old favourite E-Coli which is causing havoc worldwide, as approaching 2,000 people have caught it so far […]

Nip+Fab Frown Fix. Instant Facial Line Filler Sold Out On First Day.

Hello Peeps, . If you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Then this post is for you. . A miracle for £10.25. . Lots of people believe that the hype is totally true this time. . This is a product which went on sale in the UK last week, but it […]

Another Idea For Would-Be Slimmers.

Hello, . There are always new ideas in the pipeline to take advantage of the huge market for . . How about one that proposes to make you slim while you eat. . Chillies are a more than just’hot’, it could possibly be that an ingredient from certain chillies could revolutionise the whole slimming industry. […]