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Interesting Criminal Stuff.

Hi, . Just a quick one for you. . Thousands of criminal and prison records have been released today, along with mugshots etc, on the site ancestry.co.uk. . There are court records, prison hulk lists and criminal biographies. . The Victorians punished the most minor of crimes with an extremely heavy hand, and seemed to […]

Find Out The Crime Levels On The Street Where You Live.

Hey Folks, . Nice morning here today. It could even be described as warm. Now there’s an improvement! . Yesterday saw the launching of a very good idea by the police. . It is a new website called www.police.uk. . This is an excellent innovation that allows you to log on and find out about […]

See No Evil.

Hi, . Sometimes you just read something, and the questions which are raised can be most uncomfortable. . What on earth would you do if you saw someone being savagely beaten by a group of young men, on the street, and in broad daylight. . We are all so afraid, out there these days, that […]

James Blunt Saves The World!

Hey, . Did you know that James Blunt is really Superman. He actually saved the world! . It was reported in The Times, at the weekend, that he used to hold the rank of a Captain in the Lifeguards and told his story of helping to avert an international incident . It appears that in […]

And The Blind Shall See.

Hey, , How the hell are you today. Come on, a Thursday has to be better than a Monday, and matters will continue to improve as the week proceeds. Tomorrow it will be a Friday and you can go out and get blind drunk if you choose to start your weekend with a bang. . […]

Things I Never Knew About.

Hi, . I wonder if you have ever read about the village of Baltimore in Ireland, and about what happened there in the early dawn of June 20th, in the year of 1631. Charles 1 was ruling in England at this time. . During this period of history there were many raids carried out in […]

The Book Of Lost Things.

Hello, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are going through one of life’s wonderful highs, and not having to cope with a  disheartening low period. . Life is funny isn’t it. It always seems simpler when you are a child, because it is all very black and white from […]

Update.Woman Who Dumped Cat In Wheelie Bin..

Hey, . Just to update you on the cat that was dumped in a wheelie bin for 15 hours by a passing woman. . The cat, Lola, is now fine after her long ordeal in the dark. Mary Bale, 45, who had been arrested after a CCTV camera showed her stroking the cat before suddenly […]

For The Traveller Who Wants Everything.

Hi, . It is colder than ever today, as far as I am concerned, even though I seem to be wearing my sheepskin boots and my Puffa body warmer….(a steal from TK Max at £39.99 instead of £100, according to the ticket)….all of the time from getting up ’til bedtime. . Oh, and my black […]

Barking Up The Right Tree.

Hi Peeps, . Well, after so many about the abysmal way that we are caring for, and abusing, this utterly lovely planet of ours, there is actually some very encouraging news to pass along. . The UK has more woodlands now than it has had in the past 250 years. Not since the 1750’s has […]