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One For All You History Anoraks.

Hi, . I forgot to tell you. Just a quick one, if you are interested in English history . . Ther is a marvellous series which has just begun on the BBC. It is Michael Wood’s  Story Of England, which is a series of programmes telling the story of a place called Kibworth, which is […]

Back From The Dead.

Hi Folks, . I seem to be developing a habit. Luckily for me it is a not a serious one, because it consists of me of fabulous TV programmes you may have missed, because you are too busy going out and having fun! Obviously, I am not! . Did you miss the Horizon programme shown […]

New Hope For UK Cancer Patients.

Hi Peeps, . There have been new developments afoot in the level of available to NHS patients in the UK. . Proton Therapy is a form of cancer treatment that will burn the tumours away while doing less damage to the healthy surrounding tissues than the other forms of radiotherapy can cause. This new form […]

What A Fabulous Resource From The BBC.

Hi, . Just thought I would share a great thing with you in case you have not found it yet. . The BBC has a fabulous site, which is about daily news from 1950 t0 2005. It is called ‘On This Day’. You can quickly enter any particular day and year that you are interested […]

Freeze Your Unwanted Fat Off.

Hi, . This is good news for those of you who are with certain areas of your bodies, and who have found to be unhelpful. . There has been a innovative new leap forward for those among you who have a problem with extra fat in the wrong places. An amazing new way of removing […]

Mary Bale Dumps A Cat In A Wheelie Bin

Hi, . I was just reading this morning about a lady named Mary Bale. For some reason, when she was stroking a cat in a Coventry street, she decided to lift it up and stick it into a nearby wheelie bin. . It was not found until 15 hours later, when it’s desperate cries were […]

Wait Til Quint Sees This Baby!

Hey there, . Do you like sharks, do you like speed and do you like water…. being both above and under it. . If you can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions then this blog the one is for you! . What must it be like to be the inventor Rob Innes, 37, […]

Dinosaurs By Torchlight (And Cocktails).

Hi, . Monday begins, so make it a good start to a great week, as it is going to happen anyway! . So how was your weekend. Did you find something interesting and different to do, or did you just loll about thinking that it would be good to do something different….if only you could […]

It’s A Mad World.

Hi, . Now this is what I call a morning! We have a completely blue sky from one corner to the other, hazy sunshine and a complete absence of dampness, apart from the areas in the shadows. . Of course it is still very early but the moment is perfect. . I hope that you […]

Living In Peace Is Possible.

Hey, . This is by way of a follow-on to research I was doing into Dr Robert Sapolsky and his research. . This following clip from UTube is quite fascinating. It shows how an aggressive troop of Baboons began to live in peace together and how young baboons joining the troop were taught to change […]