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Stress Relief.

Hi, . What an awesome day we have here today. I awoke to a bedroom suffused with light, blazing through the curtains. . The sky is unbelievably blue with some light fluffy clouds, the trees softly trembling in a soft warm breeze. After all the grey, warm and damp days, this is a total corker. […]

The Execution of Ruth Snyder. Jan 12th 1928.

Hi, . I was fascinated to see a picture taken by a reporter named Tom Howard, who worked for the Chicago Tribune. . The day was January 12th in 1928. A convicted murderer called Ruth Brown Snyder was executed in Sing Sing Prison after being found guilty of the murder of her husband Albert Snyder. […]

Mind Control Is Sneaking Up On Us.

G’Day, Just adding an Australian twist to the day again….perhaps it will encourage some sunshine. We are grey and cold again here at the moment, but a little watery sunshine is peeping through every now and again, so I am hopeful. . Big H is doing well at the moment. On the last hospital trip […]

Divorce Is Seriously Destabilising.

Hey, . Hope your Saturday is going well for you I cannot complain today because it is warm and balmy this morning and Big H is feeling fine. The birds have been fed and my Hyacinths smell wonderful every time I open the door to the patio. All is cool. . I was remembering years […]

The Underground City.

Hi, Welcome to yet another Saturday! . Now that we are retired, and hopeful that Big H will soon be fixed….medically that is…..not like a tomcat, I have been looking at the ‘must see’ things that we have not yet managed to do, and as we wish to move south to somewhere warmer a.s.a.p. then […]

Too Good To Be True.

Hey, . Did you have a few drinks at the weekend. . Are you feeling guilty about it! Are you ladies afraid that necking down a regular glass of wine will make you gain weight! . Well, according to a report recently published in America, there is no proven connection between alcohol consumption and weight […]

Freya’s Day Is Here.

Hi, . So it is Friday once more. I have always loved them, so thank goodness there is one in every week! . There is always such a good feeling on a Friday because there is the possibility of a great evening out, joined with the possibilities of a weekend. The world is definitely your […]

New Eye Implants Offer Perfect Vision.

Hi, . Remember my with laser eye correction? I ended up cancelling my appointment for the laser operation because I had continued doing research on the procedure and had become concerned upon a few points. Two years previously I had been diagnosed as having the beginnings of catatract formation in both eyes, which was a […]

Southampton Women Have Small Breasts.

Hello, . Strange piece of useless information. . The Southern Daily Echo was quoted as saying that Southampton women posess the country’s smallest breasts. This was discovered by Debenhams when they were examining the sales of brassieres for the period between April and October. The average cup size in Southampton is a 34b. . Liverpudlian […]

Life. Too Good To Miss.

Hi, . Just in case you forgot to watch the BBC series I was previously. . Here is a link to the second episode! It may look like the “Jesus” clip but this is the full episode. It really is too good to miss out on. J. . ,