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11-Year Itch.

Hey, . Are you well? And Happy? I very much hope that you are. . I feel a lot better now. I can breathe properly and I feel almost normal, just very tired. Hopefully Big H has not caught ‘flu from me so that is very encouraging because when his he catches everything that is […]

All Friday Not Touched Yet.

Hello, . It is 11.30am and I have only just got around to doing my blog. . I got up early as usual, but, as I was cleaning my teeth, I suddenly decided to paint the floor again, in one of the bedrooms. . I do not buy special floor paints though. I just get […]

New, Fabulous BBC Series. You CAN NOT Miss This! ,

Good Morning Peeps, . Last night Big H showed me a film clip last night, and it totally took my breath away. . It shows you a lizard….nicknamed ‘The Jesus Christ Lizard’ …..which walks on water. . The film was shot at 2,000 frames per second in order to show the amazing, slow motion, footage. […]

Stop Picking Your Nose Please.,

Hey, . How are you today! I hope that you are having a happy, mellow experience, and I hope that you are adding to the happy, mellow experience of other people by not picking your nose in public. . Last time I was in the car with Big H and we were stopped at the […]

Job Offer On Isle Of Lundy. Deadline 19th October 2009.

Hello , . Today I saw an interesting Job Offer in The times. . It is a very different type of opportunity for a married couple. . The Landmark Trust wants a couple to look after their properties on Lundy, and they will pay them a combined salary of £25,300, along with free accomodation and […]

Another Interesting Event in London.

Hello, . There is to see in London until October 31st…and it is free! . In the grounds of the Natural History Museum, in London, a very interesting event is taking place in the Museum grounds. . A garden has been created, composed of different habitats, in order to show how to create havens for […]

Poem: Collective Nouns And Crime.

Collective Nouns And Crime. . ‘Who burgled a business of flies’? Asked a murmuration of starlings. ‘Who stole a parcel of penguins, Wrapped in a rag of colts And tied with a string of ponies’? . ‘A murder of crows  did it With an ambush of tigers as cover’, Lied a storytelling of crows. But […]

A Possible New Cure For Cancer.

Good morning to you, . What a fine morning I am looking at today. It is still awfully cold, but the sky is wall to wall pale blue, and all of my neighbours’ windows on the left hand side of the street are reflecting the sunshine. I can also see many big black birds sitting […]

I Cannot Believe I Missed This One.

Hey, . I have just discovered Stephen Fry and Mark Carwardine’s programmes… A Search For Animals On The Edge Of Extinction. . Have you seen these programmes? If you did I cannot believe that you did not tell ME about it! . I have just seen the most hilarious clip of a mating bird. I […]

UFO’S. The Official Story.

G’day, . Once more I have risen early.  Four o’clock and all is well. It is extremely windy this morning and the sky  has been swept clear of clouds.  I can see many beautiful stars, twinkling and bright. It brought to mind a report that I read recently in The Times. Did you know that, […]