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How Cool Is That!

Hi, . Well, it is another splendid day today.  Most excellent! . I see that The Times has once more, and provided me with just the sort of that I like. Apparently, a new creature has been discovered in Papua New Guinea. . It happened during a British expedition into the rainforest, to film  Mount […]

My Favourite Joke.

Hello again, . I am in a happier mood now because my tongue feels much better. Still burned, but better. . Now I am going to tell you my favourite joke. So here we go! . QUESTION….What is brown and sticky? . . Answer….A STICK! . LOL JX .

Latest On Michael Jackson. Verdict Homicide.

Hello, . Have you heard about the latest latest development yet? . In Los Angeles, the County Coroner has ruled that  Michael Jackson’s death was homicide. . The various Doctors treating the superstar are under scrutiny, including a Doctor Murray. . I believe that Dr murray posted a video up onto u tube in order […]

New Dating Site.

Good morning Peeps, . What a beautiful day it is today.  It makes you glad to be alive. Well, to be honest, I am glad to be alive on any bloody day! . Excuse me, I have just seen the Postman go past the window and I like to rush out into the hall to […]

Mr. T Can SEE!

Hello to you. . I have some excellent and wonderful news to share with you all. . It has to do with eyes, and it happened this way. . My eldest son was unfortunate enough to inherit his eyesight from me, and not from his father. . At an early age he began to become […]

Share A Stranger’s Orgasm. (ADULT)

Hello to you. . Did you have a good night. Did you have an orgasm. Did you have it alone or in company. . How would YOU feel about  filming yourself coming and then sharing it with the whole world? . Have you ever visited a site called Beautiful Agony? . It is well worth […]


Hello, . It is now thought, by American scientists, that if people drink five cups of coffee per day, then they will reduce their chances of developing . The research was carried out with laboratory mice, which were specially bred to develop Alzheimers when they reached the mouse equivalent of of human old age. . […]

Further info. Moonwalking.

Hey again, . After my I found myself to be quite intrigued.  So I decided to assuage my now rampant curiosity. . The best information I can glean about Moonwalking, and who created it, is as follows. . Some people think that Marcel Marceau created it as part of his mime performance in the 1940’s. […]

Natural Selection.( Big H sneaked up on me.)

Hey, . Why do fools fall in love? . What do you think causes people to fall in love. Is it the chemistry,  is it just fated to be, is it the pheromones, is it some unexplainable thing that grows in intensity in direct correlation to the size of the wallet, is it finding the […]

Astral Travel anyone?

. Hi, . Have you ever managed to Astral Travel ? . I have tried at various times but I can never get past the bit where I can feel a strong rocking motion.  Perhaps it is one of those situations where , although you really want to do something, you also do not want […]