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Let’s talk about parasites.

Hi Peeps, I have just had the hottest night.  In the weather sense not the biblical. I eventually got up early because Big H was giving off heat like a furnace.  It reminded me of living in the Middle East. It used to be so hot and humid when we lived out there, that my […]

Good To Be Green.

Good morning . . I felt the need to share this with you. I have been reading about a wonderful new breakthrough in being Green. This concerns a new washing machine which is coming on to the  commercial market. The machine uses a new technology which was  developed over many years by Stephen Burkinshaw at […]

New details about Michael Jackson’s death emerging.

Good morning everyone, – I received a comment this morning from a reader also called Michael, asking if I had seen the new details emerging about Michael Jackson’s death, so I googled them. It is pretty much what I imagined .  The man was a perfectionist, and was no doubt working 100% to be beyond […]

Michael Jackson Dies.

Hi, – Isn’t it strange. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson in a big way, but I still felt a shock when I heard he had died. . Taken just as a performer the man was excellent and the first time I saw him moonwalk it looked just like magic. . R.I.P. – […]


Oh yes, I forgot to mention something. Did you see the photo of Bono on page 17 of the Sunday Times Magazine.  He looks just like Peter Andre. Strange. GGQ..the answer is Yes, I think he is a superlative artist.

First thoughts

. . Hi, . Today I was talking with a lady I met in the street, and I commented that she must have been partying on with a vengeance, as she looked somewhat tired. She then told me that she had been visited the previous evening by a friend, who had turned up unexpectedly, accompanied […]