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Learning to Blog

My Computer May Be Planning To Kill Us.

Hello Dear Peeps, . Now, as I have been for a long time, my computer is evil and . The nasty creature regularly mocks me by removing whole pages of my work, refusing to switch on or off, and by generally causing me to have caused by it’s unceasing guerrilla tactics. It does these unholy […]

Frustrated At Jaksie.com

Hi Peeps, . Happy Saturday to you. . Still trying to tidy up the house ..so that’s my day planned out then! . Never mind though, tonight it is X Factor.  So I do have something to look forward to….isn’t that sad! . think that by tonight I should have finished painting up the stairs […]

Sorry. It Happened again.

Hello folks, . I must make yet to you all. Today I got a heads-up from a charming lady named Manmeet, who had tried to access my site and had been totally unable to get it to show any of my paintings. Thank goodness she told me, or I would have gone blithely on just […]

Mr.T. Saves The Day.

Hello people, . Today I am very happy, in direct contrast to how ‘sick as a parrot’  I felt yesterday, after having to spend the correcting my own mistakes.  That is even worse than correcting someone else’s ineptitude, because you have nobody else to blame. Sudden thought.  I don’t know where that saying,’sick as a […]

My Apologies.

Hello, my dear long suffering peeps, . I must apologise to those of you who have been trying to open posts, and have then found that they are not available. . How bloody annoying and frustrating for you. . I must confess, much as I hate to say so, that it is all my fault.  […]

Fagged Out.

Hi dear peeps, . Sorry if you have been looking at anything on  ‘Jaksie’  today and you found it all looking rather strange. . I don’t know what happened…or what I did …but there were all sorts of strange spacings between the lines of my blogs. . Once I noticed this…at 9.30am… I had to […]

I Can Do The Little Coloured Bits Now.

Hello to you dear peeps, and to your dogs, cats, budgies, and various other dependents and friends. . As it is only seven o’clock upon a fine Bank Holiday Monday, I am sitting here in almost total silence.  Just the odd car passing by the house, and even the crows seem to be eating their […]

Adult Poem: Need my fix..

, need my fix . no more read on the bog no more trying to jog no more shag like a dog well addicted to blog . j .

A Whole New Thing.

. Hello Dear Peeps, . . Well, what do you think of my new website.  ISN’T IT GREAT! . Recently, I sent my son a hopeful e- mail, to ask if it would be possible for some kind of index to be added to my blog site, so that it was not such a long […]

Nasty little swine

Hello, . Today has been fine until 20 minutes ago when I decided to log on and do some of my next post. I started immediately, and was forging ahead smoothly, until I glanced up and stopped in total bewilderment. All there was  on the page was a few lines of total nonsense because most […]