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Learning to Blog

Calm after the storm

Hi again Peeps, It is now Thursday and all is well. My long awaited breakfast did not escape from me this time. . Big H calmly sat me down last night and explained a few things about using the computer, once I had finished having I find this a very long winded and awkward way […]

Fly away Peter

Greetings on this lovely morning. . I say lovely morning, but this is not my usual paean to wall to wall blue skies. . Today we actually have that amazing, damp, green, freshly washed look you see when heavy rain has just stopped . I really do love it when the bricks of the patio […]

Further Education

Hi, – You will be pleased to know that I have just learned something new. Big H was looking through a post of mine and asked me why I had not used Spellchecker on it yet? – DUH! – I told him that I did not know how to use it, so I just did […]

I killed the dog

. Hello, . Doing this is weird. . It is much easier to speak to people face to face.You can interact, be funny, have a laugh It is easy and entirely natural and I know how to do it without a single thought. . . It is hard and tricky and this bloody computer seems […]

Sudden realization

. HI, . I have just realised that if everyone else my age is as much a Luddite as me then none of them will be able to read anything I write anyway .. Oh dear, . J .

Email to my son

Added by the son in question: “Hello darling boy, Well, I am sorry to tell you that I have lived down to your expectations and totally ruined all of your work in setting up my Jaksie site yesterday. I posted a test blog thingy and lost the front page altogether. I tried for hours but […]

What was I thinking of?

. . I am bloody sick of doing this blog already and I have not even started it. . I woke up this morning with the thought that there was no place for older women to go to find out what sort of hairstyles suit older women. What style of gear suits a body that […]