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Poem: Adrift

Adrift.   Taking down the yellow brocade box From the top of the wardrobe And going through the memories Of married years . .  

View The Day.

Hi Peeps, . Oh my goodness….Red Sky In The Morning, Sailors’ Warning. . That was what happened here this morning. A most beautiful sky, but what does it presage for us. . Everything is covered in frost this morning, and it feels like that includes myself! . The central heating is still programmed to switch […]

What A Treasure!

Hey, . We are now at the midpoint of the week, but I am beginning to think that the promised period of Indian Summer may not be going to happen for us. . Yesterday was mostly cloudy and not too warm. . We did manage to have a longish walk but I started out with […]

Those Were Good Days.

Hi, . Wow, I love the smell of toast in the morning….it smells like breakfast!!! . So, here we are again on yet another WET morning, so that’s a nice change from all of the other WET days we are having this year. Much more of this and I shall have to re-learn how to […]

Hiroshima. Lest We Forget.

Hi, . There has just been a commemoration in Hiroshima, which was in remembrance of the 66th anniversary of the Atomic Bomb which was unexpectedly dropped upon that unlucky city by America at the end of WWII. It took place on August 6th, 1945 at 8.15am. . Hundreds of thousands were killed in the blast […]

To The Beat Of A Sunday Drum.

Hi Peeps, . The madly here to welcome a Sunday. I  suppose that it could be very annoying to some, but I love it, quintessentially British childhood memories there. . . In those far-off days of a simple sort of life, just after WWII, we were grateful for any that would relieve long and bland […]

Do You Remember Me?

Hi, . How are you today. Come on, it has to be better today ‘cos it is a Friday once more! . Unfortunately the weather here has continued to be coldish and very grayish, which is a bit on the disappointing side given that we are at the end of July, which is the height […]

Boys Will Play.

Hello Peeps. . Something a bit different….and nostalgic…. for you today. A glimpse of eroticism as it used to be in the old days. . Magazine began 57 years ago. It was de-rigueur for the boys of my age to secrete a few copies under their mattresses in order to fuel their and provide them […]

Toilet Rolls Are The New Newspaper.

Hello, . So it is Wednesday, or as some of you Canadians out there would say, it’s . . When I awoke this morning, I found myself to be unwilling to actually leave my deliciously warm bed, although I was not sleepy at all. It is most definitely Winter again, and the older I get, […]

A Sad Thursday.

Hi There, . What a sad day it was for us yesterday. One of our friends died last week from , after a short illness, and it was finally in the morning. It’s weird how it somehow seems irretrievably real at that point, even though it has been an actual fact for some days before. […]