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A Moment Out Of Time.

Hi, . Lying in bed this morning, feeling deliciously warm and not yet wanting to face the chill of getting up, I began thinking about outstanding moments in a life. The ones that stay clear and meaningful even decades later on. . One of mine took place in . . is a strange place, with […]

What A Fabulous Resource From The BBC.

Hi, . Just thought I would share a great thing with you in case you have not found it yet. . The BBC has a fabulous site, which is about daily news from 1950 t0 2005. It is called ‘On This Day’. You can quickly enter any particular day and year that you are interested […]

A Sunday To Spend.

Hi, . Happy to you, and I hope that your weekend is progressing very nicely. We have planned a nice meal for today which will be Aberdeen Angus fillet with potatoes, broccoli and a nice bottle of red wine which we bought for half price at Sainsburys. So that’s all OK then! . It is […]

Biba Is Born Again.

Good Morning Peeps, . , Friday, . It does not get much better than that! . Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day for me because it became stunningly hot and sunny here. So good in fact, that we were motivated to get in the car, put the top down and go for a […]

The Destruction Of An Icon.

Hey, . And so to the end of an era. Soon one of Gateshead’s iconic buildings will disappear forever and even the protestations of both Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino could not stop it from happening. . Have you guessed which building it is. You haven’t? Well, I shall put you out of your misery. […]

Poppets, Bee Hive Hair And Radio Luxembourg.

Hey. How are you today! Perhaps you are having a Saturday lie in….and why not. I used to like them myself after a week of having to go to school or work every morning, but on the other hand I also used to feel that it was wasting precious free time too. . Sometime, in […]

Sunshiny Day.

Hey, . Good day to you. . I don’t know what it is like where you are but I awoke to sunshine again today. Now I have instantly forgotten exactly how cold I have been for months and I feel very summery once again. Hopefully this is not another tease….hopefully this time it is the […]

Thor’s Day.

Hey, . Today is Thursday. Or should I say ….Which sounds most amazingly like speaking in the Geordie | . I don’t know about you but I have always quite liked this particular day of the week. It always seems to have infinite possibilities, because for me it has never had any particular structure. I […]

What An Excellent Way To Spend The Night.

Good Morning Peeps, . How do I find you today? . I feel fabulous….absolutely fabulous. I have just spent the whole night looking around Antique Shops. . Let me explain . For many years I used to have a recurring dream. I would be in a walled city, circular and made of stone, with an […]

Things That We Fear.

Good Day, . This is a mellow morning. A gentle drizzle of rain outside and all the birds are squabbling over the bread on the wall as usual. . It just shows you what disgusting stuff they usually eat, if they are going to such lengths to get their bits of stale bread. Urgh, probably […]