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A Metrosexual Cat.

Hello Peeps, . What a fine day this is. Today, my painters, who have been working here for nearly a month, will be completely FINISHED! . Yeaaaaaaah!! . No more of that scary Nitromors stuff, no more dust from sanding down the stripped wood, no more eye watering paint smells, and no more living in […]

Oi, I Know Who Your Mum Is!

Good morning to you, . I fear that I am being very contrary once more. . I t is now 3am on Saturday morning and this will be the first morning of the week when I do not have to be up before workmen arrive, so, theoretically, it is the night that I could have […]

Singing To Cows.

Hello, Hello, . Ah, the surprises of each day. Today we are back with the low grey skies and the heavy rain. . I braved it, in order to dash outside and feed the somewhat tattered looking birds, cowering in the tree and around the chimneys. . It is amazing how guilty you can feel […]

Everything Goes In Circles.

Hi, . It’s Saturday…as if you hadn’t noticed! . Now, long ago I told you all about the pains of getting up, ready, fed and with before the arrival of various sets of workmen. I also told you yesterday about how we were going to switch off the alarm and enjoy the fact that we […]

Clearing The Tubes

Good morning to you, . Well I am in a remarkably excellent frame of mind this morning,  given that we got to bed late last night and were up in the early hours again this morning. All  to be bathed, combed, dressed, emptied and breakfasted, all far too frantically, all  by some unfeasibly early hour, […]

November Awaits.

Good Morning Peeps, . And so we reach yet one more Monday. Was your weekend a good one…I certainly hope so. . My life is about to become very restricted again, as we have the today to do a couple of weeks work, on the inside of the house this time! As I have said […]

Sixty Years On.

Hello Folks, . Today began mysteriously. I woke to a real fog. There was nothing much to be seen outside at all, just the faintest outline of the big tree near the patio wall. . When it is like that it is not hard to imagine the feel of London, during the time of  Jack […]

The Milky Bar Kid.

Hello, hello, hello, . I know what you are thinking. Why do I say that three times, when just once, would do fine. What am I adding to the greeting by saying it that way. It is just overkill…and general showing off. . Well, words are free, and I am feeling generous! So come on, […]

Spiders In My Hair.

Hey Peeps, Greetings to you all. . Hoping that life is still treating you kindly. (A timely word to you denizens of The Web who are looking at this post in your office.  The highlighted import when you click on ‘The Animals’ is Very Loud music….which may not be a good idea in that particular […]

A Real Penny Dreadful.

. . Dandruff, it was having such awful dandruff that let him down. Everything was going well right up to that last moment. . There we were, snuggled together on the front seat of his car and he was kissing me. . Oh God, What a marvellous kisser he was. Tongue halfway down my throat, […]