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What Did You Take To Bed?

Hi, . When I was a child I used to take two special things to bed with me every night. . One of them was a bear called Bear. . I understand that you may be somewhat disappointed by such a lack of creative thinking  in the bear-naming  arena, but I was actually quite an […]

Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello Peeps, . I was going to tell you yet another tale of , but this morning, for some reason, I keep thinking of my mum. I possibly told you that she died earlier this year. . The death of a parent is extremely painful at first, but I think perhaps I have been lucky. […]

Bad Shit In Amsterdam.

. Good morning my friend, . I agree with you, nothing much great about a Monday if you have to go to work again after a weekend of debauchery, or just a few quiet days doing nothing special. But you do have a bright side, there is another weekend in five days time. Isn’t it […]

X Factor.

Hello. hello. hello. . . I am happy to say that I now have a reason to live for the next few months. . X FACTOR IS BACK!!!!!!!! It began tonight, and I have had my first addictive fix of Simon and his cohorts, along with the fun of those first few hapless people whose […]

We Tattooed Ourselves.

Hello, . When I was a little kid, we used to sport our own semi- permanent tattoos. . It did not have to be permanent because we did it nature’s way. . It was different, it was temporary, and we felt that it definitely got us noticed. . When a cut-out shape was placed onto […]

A Bed Of Roses.

Hello Peeps, . And the top of the morning to you all. I am lucky enough to have a nice sunny day here myself. . When I was watering my plants today, and feeding the birds their breakfast of left overs and prawn crackers, I was remembering those long ago, blisteringly hot summer days of […]

What About Me?

Hi to you all. . Today is a gem, beautiful and very sunny.  Most excellent. If there is any rain coming then I sincerely hope that it goes to you and not me! . I have an acquaintance in the place where I live and when we meet we always have a long chat. She […]

Sondar The Treen.

Hey. . When I was a child we had a tortoise.  He was called Sondar The Treen. This name was lifted from one of my brother’s Dan Dare comics. Sondar was a little alien who used to fly about while sitting on a saucer.  He resembled our tortoise because he had a similar hard chin […]

Delayed pleasure.

Hello peeps, . Today has not gone quite as I had hoped. My friend and I had an outing planned , in order to compensate ourselves for the Friday Night Fever debacle . . We had decided to go to visit Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne, which is known as the birth place of Christianity, […]


Good morning to you all, . Last night I slept really deeply. I went to bed at 12.30am and slept straight through to 9.45. This is very unusual  for me to sleep so late for no reason . I did have a strange dream though. I dreamt I was walking down a street and passed […]