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Good day to you, . This morning I was thinking about my brother, because it is about time I went to see him, and I remembered something from way back when we were small children. . He had fallen over and hurt his knee, some time before it was noticed that he had red lines […]

Speaker’s Corner

Hey . Morning has broken….and what a morning ! . Rain is teeming down, running in the gutters with abandon, and the dark grey sky is so low that you could touch it. As I sit at the keyboard I can hear a swishing sound, as passing cars rush heedlessly over the rain soaked road. […]


Hi to you, . Soon I will be going with a friend band and we are really looking forward to it. We were talking about what to wear and decided it would be fun to dress the way we did back in the ’70’s.   The only good thing about becoming so much older is […]

Strange Fruit.

Hi, . This morning I woke unfeasibly early again, but I was snug, and it was quite enjoyable to simply lie there next to a quietly sleeping Big H , just letting my mind drift past all sorts of disconnected memories and thoughts. . I remembered my father and various conversations that we had when […]

New details about Michael Jackson’s death emerging.

Good morning everyone, – I received a comment this morning from a reader also called Michael, asking if I had seen the new details emerging about Michael Jackson’s death, so I googled them. It is pretty much what I imagined .  The man was a perfectionist, and was no doubt working 100% to be beyond […]

I Hate Crusts.

Greetings – And so the weekend beckons. I hope that you have something good in store . . At the moment I do not have anything special planned because Big H’s energy levels fluctuate a lot. Proven by the fact that I in the living room and black of the walls and ceiling. . I […]

Michael Jackson Dies.

Hi, – Isn’t it strange. I was never a fan of Michael Jackson in a big way, but I still felt a shock when I heard he had died. . Taken just as a performer the man was excellent and the first time I saw him moonwalk it looked just like magic. . R.I.P. – […]


Hi Darlings, . ‘ Not so sunny today, and I hear that the weather will worsen soon.  BOOOOOOOOO. . I arose a little later this morning, and did all the usual things, except for having Marmite on toast for breakfast. Very nice, but I do not feel an obsession coming on. . Then I made […]

That’s Entertainment.

Hello darlings, . Did you read about the  City of London Festival Street Pianos ? What an excellent idea. It seems that for about three weeks there will be 30 pianos placed in different locations around London and they will hopefully stimulate passing pedestrians to have a tinkle on the ivories. What an amazing idea. […]

The importance of getting the name right.

HI, . Years  ago I read in our local paper that they were thinking of printing a series of previously unpublished poems, written by local people. Did  anyone want to submit their work? . As I had nothing better to do that day, so I acted upon a sudden good idea. I decided to send […]