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Let Us Rock!

Hi, . I have recently been awed once again at the amount of  by some children. . At the moment I am stunned by an eight year old girl called Zoe Thomson, who is obviously a rock star of the future. . This is the young lady herself playing her unfinished version of Stratosphere alongside […]

Nick McKaig Rocks The Simpsons.

Hey,   Today I want to tell you about someone who is a totally talented singer and musician. This guy is awesome, and should be heard. . He is 23 and left the  recently. He studied music. . There is proving to be a lot of interest in his uploads on YouTube, especially his wonderful […]

Etta James Is Gone.

Hi, . As you probably know, the wonderful and unique Etta James has died. . Her funeral was held in Inglewood Cemetery in California, and was well attended by the great and good of the music world. . She died on 20th January, after problems with Leukemia and dementia. She was 73 years of age. […]

Who Is The Walrus?

Hey, hey, . So, who remembers the Beatles singing ‘I Am The Walrus.’ . You don’t! …. my dear, you are showing your age! . Well, I do remember it and those wonderful, far-off days of red wine, Mary Quant fashions and  the availability of the very first birth control pills. Yeah, the Swinging Sixties!!! […]

Music In The Style Of.

Hey, . Some people just have style. . This is Lukas Kmit  playing the violin, in the , which was an orthodox Jewish synagogue in Slovakia…. until he was so rudely interrupted! .   . If it was not an arranged happening by the phone company …. then it should have been! You may try […]

Tom Waits Rocks.

Hi, . I felt in a strange mood recently….and went back to an old favourite of mine. There is really no-one else quite like him at all. . So, shall we start with a Christmas card that someone received! . Tom singing…. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis. . . I Hope I Don’t […]

A Little Sly Training.

Hi, . How is life treating you then. . Were you looking forward to Christmas, or were you worrying about all of those extra pounds that you would gain before the festivities are over with. . And have you! Is losing it your New Year Resolution! . Well, you know, your fate and your physique […]

How Did Things Go For Sung-Bong Choi.

Hi People, . Do you remember . He was a homeless young man who had been living alone on the streets since the age of only 5. . Luckily he decided to enter Korea’s Got Talent this year. . I suddenly realised that I had not done a follow-up post for you. So here it […]

Paul Barton Plays With Elephants.

Hi, . Some people go to great lengths to share their music with an . People like Paul Barton. He played for a specially chosen audience in Thailand. . This clip shows him playing Beethoven. . . Yes, his audience were elephants. . The elephant who is standing directly behind the piano, is just about […]

Notorious B.I.G. Stops Baby From Crying.

Hi, . . How soon do we form our tastes! . . Hey baby I know what I like !!! . .