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Meet Me In Winter. 2.

Hi, . Just a quick catch-up on my about the wonderful idea behind ‘Meet Me In Winter’. . The whole concept has continued spreading to catch the hearts and emotions of many different people all over the UK….fulfilling the original belief of the organisers that ‘together, we can do extraordinary things’. . It was talked […]

More Of The Same Today. Boring!

HI, . And a fine morning to you. . Actually that is not happening here today, as it is not a welcoming sort of morning….in fact it is wet, wet, wet! . There’s a thought. Do you remember that group called Wet, Wet, Wet, which were very very popular some years ago? . I recall […]

Meet Me In Winter. 1.

. Hey, . There are many picturesque and that are examples of the best to be found in Britain. . Places like the lovely small market town in the Cotswolds….enchantingly named Wotton-under-Edge. . . . In this place an idea grew from the thoughts of Katie Elliott….and spread on their website …. meetmeinwinter.org. The result […]

Josh Krajcik. X Factor USA. A Star Is Born!

Hi, . I have been watching Simon Cowell’s new ‘X Factor USA’. . I think that they are going to regret getting rid of because she was good, and far more real, than her replacement Nichole Scherzinger. . Yes, it must have been a bit intimidating for , up against the much more experienced and […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Hi to all of you musical folks. . As you know, like all of you I have my favourite songs, and the The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ is one of them. But which version is the best, as so many excellent singers have brought their own style to it over the past […]

NYPD Cops filmed Dirty Dancing. Adult Content.

Good Morning Folks, . So it is Wednesday today and the weekend is quickly approaching….excellent! . You can probably tell that I am a lot warmer and therefore far more cheerful today. . Yesterday our boiler was finally fixed on . A new engineer from the firm who actually made the flighty thing in the […]

A Police Beat.

hey, . Today we can see something a little lighthearted after all of the recent that we all had to suffer through. . The Notting Hill Carnival closely followed on after that and people were very worried about what could happen there. . There was a massive police presence, which was reported to be higher […]

Always On My Mind. Which Version Is The Best.

Hey, . As you know, I have my of favourite songs. Same as you do! . Songs such as Always On My Mind. However, I do spend time wondering which version , by which singer, is the best one….and therefore my actual ‘favourite of favourites’. . So many great singers sing this song, but they […]

From Destruction And Bravery Comes Creativity!

Hello, . I have just one more post from the recent and unbelievable that went on here. . I don’t know if you saw the footage of a very in Hackney who tried to make the rioters see sense and think about what they were doing. . She quite rightly saw the damage that these […]

Saved From Death Row By Singing Happy Birthday!

Hi Peeps, . Happy news today about Patches the terrier, who was due to be put down in a Mildura dog pound in Northern Victoria, . . The 17 year old dog had belonged to an 82 year old from Italy, called Eddie Vassallo, and he and Patches had been together for a very happy […]