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Joe McElderry Wins Pop Star To Opera Star.

Hello folks, . I don’t know if you have been following the latest contest in the Popstar To Operastar series. . I enjoyed the last one I watched because it had my old time favourite in it….and he won it too. . My favourite PSTOS song from Darius….just because I can! . . This particular […]

Everyone Was In Tears.

Hi Everyone, . I hope that you are well and that you have enjoyed a good week. . Sometimes I think that we are not grateful enough for if we are lucky, such a food, shelter, safety and love. . This was brought home to me once more when an artist friend of mine, who […]

WOW. Who Would Have Thought It.

. Hey Peeps, . This particular post is one for all of you out there. . You may think that there is nothing really new in the music world, but you would be entirely wrong. How about a cat which plays the piano. . The is called Nora, and she appears to live with someone […]

Staggering Amy Winehouse Jeered At Belgrade Concert. Video.

Hey, . This is actually a very sad post. . Everything is now cancelled after Amy Winehouse’s Belgrade concert. . Reports say that she was slurring and stumbling about on the stage after keeping 20,000 waiting for an hour before she finally made an appearance. Basically it is reported as seeming to be a repeat […]

Jai McDowell Wins Britain’s Got Talent 2011.

Hi, . Just to let you know that this year’s BGT Contest was finally won last night by Jai McDowell, 24. He is a disability support worker who hails from Tarbolton, who was totally overwhelmed by finally reaching first place and winning his £100,ooo prize. . Young Ronan Park, 12, was a close second, with […]

Michael Collings. Next ‘Britains Got Talent’ Winner?’

Hi Folks, . Well now, there is a buzz going around at the moment, thanks to the new 2011 competition of Britain’s Got Talent. . Many people are of the opinion that a new ‘Susan Boyle’ type contestant has already appeared, and could well win it. . This person is a young man from , […]

Lucky Willie Had A Big Fan There.

Hello Peeps, . As you , if you are also a Willie Nelson fan….in my case because of his amazingly harsh version of Always on My Mind*….Willie Nelson was arrested last year because of marijuana offences. , Always On My Mind*. . . He is well known for being in favour of legalising the drug. […]

Susan Boyle And Peter Kay Spoof For Comic Relief 2011

Hey People, . As you already know…everyone is in favour of red noses at the moment. . Do you remember the old hit ‘I Know Him So Well’, recorded by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson in 1985? . Well, it was a good song at the time but now it has been revisited by Susan […]

Jeong-Hyun Lim. CanonRock.

Hello, . Today I want to tell you about a korean schoolboy called Jeong-Hyun  Lim. He is something of and a genious of the electric guitar. . I apologise if you already know what I am talking about, but that is quite probable because 85+ million of you have already watched him on UTube. . […]

Lady Gaga Duets with Ten Year Old Maria Aragon In Toronto.

Hi Folks, . I hope that your weekend is beginning well. . I have a heartwarming story for you today. . Last month a 10 year old little girl uploaded a video of herself onto UTube, singing her cover of Lady Gaga’s song entitled ‘Born This Way’. . My goodness, did it catch on….within a […]